Where to use the glass topped tables?

As the name implies, a glass topped tables are made of glass. Not simple, but tempered – with a minimum thickness of 8 mm. That is why it is as safe for use in the home, and not be afraid that the slightest movement can break it into small pieces. The shape of glass topped tables surface of the table is very diverse: round, square, rectangular, oval. In general, for every taste! With regard to the diversity of the materials of which can be made lower parts of tables, stands for countertops, there is no limit to the imagination of designers. After all, this glass, and the classic chrome-plated metal and wood, and stone, and much more. And the form – these four feet, and three, and center stand-pipe or stand, made in the form of a cube, circle, and triangle. And there are also very unusual and sometimes even wonderful, for example, a coffee table made of glass on driftwood, aquarium, and same glass bends, small and exquisite sculptures.

Thus, we can conclude that the glass topped tables suited to all styles of interior completely: how to classics, as well as to the modern, hi-tech, How to organize the kitchen under cabinet lighting, baroque or romantic style. And some models of coffee tables are special compartments for storing small things or, for example, remote controls, of which in our homes quite a large number.

Low glass topped tables good ideas

What small glass tables referred journal does not mean that they are intended solely for newspapers and magazines. Their functionality is much broader. After all, on the coffee table made of glass can be put anything: be it a vase of flowers or without candy and, of course, a wide variety of features, designed for interior decoration, such as figurines, topiary, trees, or happiness, beautiful photo frame and so on.

And a glass topped tables – it’s a great alternative to a large dining table; it is proposed not a full meal, but rather tea. Yes, and work on a laptop at a small and neat table, sitting on the couch, very nice and comfortable.

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