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Bathroom – perhaps the most technologically advanced place in the house, along with the kitchen. Modern plumbing is not less complicated than cooking, and the price is no cheaper. Is it different in some conservatism: new here appears not so often and stays fashionable for a long time. All plumbing equipment and furniture for the bath can be divided into three types, you just have to choose our own worldview.

Back to the nature. It would seem that wood and stone – not the most suitable material for finishing the bathroom. However, came from the East, the quest for deep and contemplative philosophical harmony with nature, reflected here. Bath of solid stone countertops and washing tables marble and granite, baths and sinks made of wood – it is a reality today. Many tropical species of trees subjected to special treatment, excellent feel in the water. Along with the tree swing and plywood, which under the action of the steam is converted into shell-craters and the bath with a bottom that follows the curves of the body.

Widely used ceramics, now in combination with wood. Style solutions close to the Eastern minimalism: straight lines, dark wood and white ceramic sanitary ware, low decorations – everything speaks of peace and harmony.

A timeless classic. Classic in the bathroom is warm, calm, nostalgia for the old days. To any modern bathroom has become more comfortable and soulful, no need to give up the achievements of the progress can be limited to accessories, adding a pitcher for rinsing, the copper basin, trinkets of porcelain, mirrors to visually enlarge the space, creating a false perspective. And it is possible to approach this more seriously. Roll-top baths (from French enamelled cast iron English or porcelain), wood and wrought, taps with two taps, cisterns near the ceiling – all the conservative, durable and expensive.

The German approach to the classics more concise and functional. Made this classic the most modern technologies and very practical. Ceramics, due to its special composition, is able to repel water and dirt, and plumbing, due to the saturation of enamel with silver ions, practically does not require cleaning and disinfection. The main colors in the interior – bronze, silver, beige.

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Time, forward. The future of bathrooms is associated with the point of view of designers, from glass and metal, with a small presence of ceramics and artificial materials. Spectacular the cold glitter of a futuristic crisp geometric patterns, and sometimes even aggressive forms, deprived of decoration, full glass or steel baths, the lack of spare parts (remove things that break the strict smooth surface), high-tech units with hydro-massage reminiscent of the cockpit of a spaceship – that can see the future designers.

Glass coated with the composition, which allows you to leave spots from water drops on brushed steel does not remain scratches, and a soft translucent plastic can be given any shape and color. In the finish – shades of purple, stained glass and metal construction.

Applying to the design of the bath any of the approaches, it is important to stay on the edge between seriousness and humor, aesthetics and functionality. Fashion design is like any other fashion. Follow the fashion it is important for those who want to follow it, but not necessarily. More importantly the taste of each of us, a seal of originality that reflects the human soul.

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