The design of the nursery for the student

This year in your family happy and very important event – your oldest child was seven years old. Now he’s not just a kid, he was a disciple. In his life many things will change: more time it will spend with a book. The curriculum becomes more difficult, and little student will need a lot of time and effort to learn and please you excellent grades.

Let’s help him to achieve academic success, make him feel very comfortable, and this will deal with the lighting in the nursery, because the new student will have to read and write.

Before you choose the lamps for the nursery, let’s see which way it is oriented. It is of great importance. The good location – East or South-East. In the morning the room was full of sunlight, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the baby.

But in the rooms facing West, formed an unnatural light conditions. In the morning they twilight, and the evening Sunny and hot. But if a Desk in a room standing near the window, then the health of the child drops, he becomes listless and distracted. And the children’s require a brighter light, close to natural.

What will I need for lighting the nursery? The overall ceiling lamp, convenient and adequate illumination of space and the lamp beside the bed – that’s the minimum necessary to a child’s room. For good General lighting will not do massive chandeliers, they are here simply useless. It would only take one not too strong a matte light bulb, because for the children useful scattered light.

Not to worry; when the window will be gathering twilight, this simple chandelier will light an entire room. But don’t get carried away from the openwork shades of glass or crystal: they give more glare, and this creates an unnecessary burden to the eye. Don’t forget that your child and it will strain your eyes, because when he returns home from school, his working day will continue.

Homework, reading, drawing, all those things can be delayed until the evening. Determine where your kid will take care of that. Maybe you bought him a Desk or a Secretary? Very well: the child will be their workplace, and now it is very important to take care of his light.

Your task is to maximally use natural light, so the table should be put closer to the window. Perhaps, the child will need to make a permutation, so that the light fell on the work surface to the left and front. If the light source is on the right or behind, for books and notebooks will fall shade, and this is harmful to the eye. Child will quickly weary, tired eyes.

Most likely, after returning from school, your child will not immediately get behind the lessons, better rested and will walk until the street light. The homework he will do in the evening, in artificial light. In this case, it is necessary to consider that the total light should be diffused, as a strong contrast between the lit workplace and the rest of the dark part of the room is harmful to sight.

Thus, when a child is engaged should be included and the total light and Desk lamp power of 40-60 watts, which is installed in the left front corner. This lamp should be with a shade that the eye was protected from the direct rays. I advise you to buy a lamp on a flexible stem: its position can be adjusted depending on the growth of the child and of the work he performs.

If a child likes to read before going to sleep, don’t let him in this, better pick up a handy lamp and fasten it to the headboard of the bed.

Feng Shui Deals with your child on the piano, does of designer locks sitting on the floor, or sawed jigsaw – always it is necessary to illuminate the workplace with a directional light source. Sometimes it can be easy portable lamp “pin”.

Choosing lighting for the youngest members of your family who have not yet learned to walk, be aware that bright light may bother them, so the light from the lamp should not fall to them in the face. Kids need a soft diffused light. Some children are afraid to sleep in the dark; in order to create a sense of peace and security set beside the crib night light with adjustable brightness light.

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