Modern bathroom and toilet – compatible?

As each of us, sooner or later ripen to overhaul inevitably to each of us, sooner or later, the question arises whether to combine a bathroom with toilet? So you want European comfort and sakorzy modern facilities, and the small size of the bathroom is not very adapted to it…. To combine or not? That is the question.

Of course, the solution to such a delicate problem is still for you, we only allow ourselves to bring all the existing arguments for and against.


As it turned out, all argue for greater Association of small spaces bathroom and toilet in one relatively large designers. Because in most standard flats have such tiny bathrooms that no alterations and permutations, without radical changes will not add the needed space. Besides, getting rid of the walls separating the toilet, you can save money on its decoration. As a result, the space becomes civilized, all the plumbing takes a more comfortable position, and there is space for a washing machine. Thus, a bathroom can make even the “special twist” is just the housing of the ensemble, and if you try to approach the solution creatively.

Not less zealously stand for the combination of young childless couples who want to expand the bathroom space to install bath unusual shape or size, and from the understandable desire to give the opportunity to turn here design ideas. Because it is very tempting to become owners of the same “flavor”.

“For” are also those who something understands in the construction and architectural features of the old housing stock. We are talking about the fact that the demolition of the partition between the toilet and the bathroom, usually it destroys the whole santehkabina, and it is not only possible, but sometimes even necessary. The fact that the model houses santehkabina made of different materials: plaster, atseit (asbestos cement plate with a thickness of 1 cm, yet it is called a flat slate or concrete. Now, asbestos cement plate, due to the presence in its composition of asbestos, is not the most eco-friendly materials.

Simply put, this plate a little bit, but harmful radiate. For this reason, the holders of santehkabiny of atseit definitely recommend to do alterations to the bathroom. But even if the walls of your santehkabiny made of plaster, redevelopment (i.e. demolition santehkabiny you, too. The fact that between the wall santehkabiny and the wall of the house there is a gap and sometimes pretty decent. Thus, it is possible to win WC for another 10-15 cm, which, as we know very well.


Categorically against unification bathroom and toilet those people whose childhood and youth were spent in the apartment with bathroom. Usually, buying or hiring a house, they put forward a prerequisite: WC – separate. Apparently, you have to live a certain number of years with a combined bath, in order to appreciate all the “charms” of such architectural solutions.

Do not wish to combine the facilities and families with two or more children. Often bathroom is the place where you can relax and be alone, and they don’t want someone who’ll need to go to the toilet, had violated their privacy. The increase in space, in their opinion, of course good, but only when there are no younger children. In fact, this problem every year will all escalate, especially in the morning when adults are rushing to work and children going to school.

What about Feng Shui?

And from the point of view of Feng Shui the bathroom should not be separated. But not in the sense in which we are accustomed to understand it, and that the toilet and bathroom should not be separated in space. When you have a bathroom at one end of the corridor, and the toilet in the hallway is a very bad Feng Shui because two rooms with the Yin energy needs to be as close as possible to each other. If the toilet and bathroom adjacent, then the presence of a septum, according to the laws of Feng Shui, already has no value.

A prerequisite, perhaps, is the separation of the toilet from the rest of the space with low walls or curtains, to look taking a bath or washing itself of the person is not rested constantly in this hygienic device. The lid of the toilet and all the other drain holes of the bathroom should be kept tightly closed, what should stop them in special tubes after use.

You should think very well before in a relatively small apartment to combine a bathroom with toilet. If the house has two bathrooms, one of them can go for such a Union, and if only one – better not.

After all, every coin has a flip side. So, by combining the washroom, you lose the possibility of simultaneous use of bath and toilet, which is very important if you live in an apartment a few people. But it will free up a space for a washing machine, just nowhere to squeeze, for many it is also very important. In General, again, up to you, try to organize your space harmoniously.

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