Ideas for small bathroom

In the confined space of a typical bathroom even common plumbing equipment and a washing machine are difficult, what can we say about the furniture. However want to be comfortable. How to place the furniture, not making already small space even more cramped, and keep it in high humidity conditions?

First of all try to replace the traditional sink model with the base, instead of a mirror with a shelf to hang the mirror Cabinet or mirror with side column with shelves. So you will be able to remove from the eye a lot of small things cluttering the space.

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The toilet can be put in front of the bath and on the line with him to install in the corner of the washing machine. Above the machine you can hang the canister, shelves or the corner Cabinet.

As a variant – to replace the bath shorter model or compact with the shower compartment. Will help to save space and corner model shower enclosure with sliding doors. The glass wall of the cab to visually expand the space, and shelves for convenient placement of accessories. You can use shower panel, separated from the rest of the space by a glass partition. The toilet can be put in a corner, mount the tank in a box with communications.

Will free up space and corner bath instead of rectangular. The vacant area you can put a pencil box to store useful things.

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In the room where the bath is located opposite the entrance, pieces of furniture can be placed right or left of the door. Washing machine with front loading it is convenient to put in front of the sink, and above it hang a pencil case or rack.

Usually furniture sets for bathroom consist of underframes, mirrors/mirrored wardrobe and pencil case. The kit can include lockers and shelves. The compact light furniture from the same collection facilities attached easily. Practical and comfortable can be rack roller bearings of chrome-plated metal with a pull-out containers of wire mesh.

In the search for ergonomic solutions, special attention should be paid to the space under and over the sink. On the shelves and in the drawers of table supports can be placed the necessary toiletries. The size of the table supports, which is sold together with a sink, a range from 45 to 60 cm is Particularly convenient podstolya with transparent doors, with one hand – they all can be seen, with the other door protects the contents from splashes.

The base can include a nightstand with shelves or drawers/containers and hinged or folding doors. Underframes can be mounted and floor (pedestal or legs). Attachments are not afraid of water on the floor, and to clean in this room easier.

Over the sink to hang a mirror Cabinet depth of 13-15 cm, with shelves, drawers and lights with a switch on one of the walls.

Narrow cupboards (width 25-60 cm, a height of 170-200 cm) is a practical solution for small spaces. Inside can be shelves, drawers, bottom built into the door (transparent, opaque) Laundry basket. Comfortable and corner cabinets, occupying little space.

The towel is easy to make multifunctional, turning into a supporting system that supports a small shelf for necessary trifles and serves simultaneously as a support system for folding bath screen of Plexiglas.

To improve the moisture resistance, the body parts of furniture made of waterproof wood-particle Board with a laminate coating or MDF c applying multiple layers of moisture-resistant enamel.

The furniture lasts longer, the minimum distance from the zone where water can enter, must be 3-4 cm should Not place furniture close to the wall, a gap for ventilation between the rear wall of the Cabinet and the tile must be at least 1 see Tables podstole have no rear wall, it is replaced by vertical strips of moisture-resistant chipboard.

A small space requires to consider details of the design to the bathroom has turned aesthetic and functional. The allies are here – the color, light and form.

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