Five rules to design a child’s room

1. Security.

Bedroom No sharp and protruding parts, which can run into or trip over. The furniture should be environmentally friendly, the best option – a tree.

2. Calm tones.

Home child a break from active work in kindergarten or school, so the room should be an atmosphere that can pay off its excessive mobility.

Psychologists suggest warm yellow, olive and pink hues. Bright red and purple hues should be avoided.

3. Accessibility.

You do want your child has grown independent? Then make sure that the host child could reach all that is in his room.

4. Small parts.

Experts say that looking at the ornate patterns on the Wallpaper or carpet helps to develop imagination.

5. And children’s drawings hang in a bedroom to themselves.

Children’s drawings on the walls are very pleasing to parents, but not children – they have learned something new. And in General: limited set of images that the child sees every day, is not conducive to its development.

21 Photos of the Five rules to design a child’s room

pokemon styled bed for kids