Fireplace Mantel Shelf idea that will make your living room interior design Fabulous

Having a good fireplace mantel shelf can make your home interior design look much more fabulous and attractive. Therefore, many people think about several different ideas to redecorate their fireplace design, especially the mantel shelf. The mantel shelf of the fire place is the outer part of the fire place that usually being decorated in order to make the fireplace looks more appealing. There are several different ideas that we can try to apply in order to make a beautiful fireplace mantel. Some of them are usually designed to give new space for other decoration to be inserted into it. Building a fireplace mantel shelf into a free space for interior decoration is a good idea that you can apply to your fireplace.

Fireplace mantel shelf ideas and inspirations

By giving this idea you can put various decorations above your fireplace to make it much more interesting and distinct. This idea will make the fireplace as the focal point in your interior design. the most common and popular design is the roof style square around your fireplace where the roof can be used to put your decoration such as statue, family photos and other decorative items you can put.

Other than the traditional square roof you can also go for a minimalist look for your fireplace mantel design. The minimalist look will only make the fireplace a simple hole in your wall; however, you can install a wooden or stone mantel shelf on the upper region of the fireplace. The minimalist design is a good idea especially if you are having problem with budget money and space in your interior design to make a fireplace inside your home interior. In conclusion, the fireplace mantel shelf is not only beneficial for the fireplace but can also make your home interior design looks much more attractive and appealing.

13 Photos of the Fireplace Mantel Shelf idea that will make your living room interior design Fabulous