Feng-Shui. Children’s room

A. Tatiana, are there any universal guidelines of Feng Shui is about the placement of the nursery in the house or apartment?

T. M. it is believed that for parents the most suitable room, located the farthest from the entrance sector of the apartment or house. Here are the most quiet (in the language of Feng Shui – Yin) energy. This place is good for those who are “in charge” while in the rear and having a good opportunity to focus in a relaxed atmosphere.
If here are a lot of kids, then the commander becomes the child and the parents -executors of his will. So it fits the first from the main entrance half of the house, where more manifest an active energy, associated with movement and growth. But in each case there are nuances.

A. How child health may be associated with the design of its rooms?

T. M. Imbalance between the color of the walls and furniture can have a negative impact on mental and, as a consequence, the physical condition of the child. For example, often all children’s decorated in blue tones, or, on the contrary, in pink. But each color has its own vibration, which enters in resonance with the body of the child. So, blue color supports kidneys, pink – heart. In order for all organs and systems of child’s organism got harmonious support from the outside, you need color variety. It is unlikely that his absence will be a cause of the disease, but may aggravate already existing problem.

A. What are the most common mistakes in the design of children’s rooms?

T. M. the Most common error associated with the selection and arrangement of furniture. For example, furniture with lots of sharp corners is undesirable – it is traumatic. After all, children lot of jumping, falling and can seriously injure yourself. On a more subtle level the sharp corners creates aggressive turbulence of air currents. This makes the energy of the room and the condition of children is more chaotic and destructive.

There may be bad children’s sets-wall when the bed hanging shelf or Cabinet, even the child with a stable psyche can develop a phobia because of the unconscious fear of being crushed. Such sets also do not give room for maneuver when moving furniture. And if it turns out that this direction of sleep unhealthy for the child, it is difficult to change.

A. Can the tools of Feng Shui to solve the psychological problems of “difficult” children, disobedience, isolation, poor performance in school?

T. M. Is that some sector of the apartment or room is unfavorable or not suitable, some characteristics specific to the child. In this place he does not return, experiencing severe discomfort and irritation. When the depletion accumulated to a critical mass, the child begins to behave as “hard”. So it shows loved ones that he is bad and he doesn’t know how to solve this problem.

If there is no possibility to contact the expert of Feng Shui, try to make a permutation in the room, trusting my own intuition. Even better, if the child can participate in this process. Let him choose for yourself room or space for a bed. If the child is older, you need to allow him to organize his space as he wants, because very often children appear hostages of expensive furniture or aesthetic tastes of their parents.

A. That is correct from the point of view of Feng Shui is to divide playroom and a sleep room of a child or to unite them into one large space?

T. M. It is very individual. One room may be more suited for sleeping and the other for activity: games or study. It happens that in some room combined both criteria, but this rarely happens. Of course, if you have the opportunity to pick up baby two functionally different rooms, this is the perfect situation. However, even in a country house not every family has this opportunity, not to mention the city apartments. This is the art of Feng Shui to any situation to find a compromise solution.

A. How to make the workplace of the child who is in school?

T. M. a great place to study – the child sits with his back to the wall, the table in front of him. So he feels confident and calm. The whole room and the door to her are in his area of control. He’s not worried about what adults can catch him by surprise.

This freedom allows you to focus. Place of study would be even more comfortable if the baby has support on the left side: it is weaker, and here it has heart. The child should not be sent to the sharp corners of cabinets or shelves. A big mistake is to put the table right by the window to get more natural light.

The child will watch as others play football, what will stop him any desire to do homework. In my practice there was a case when I transplanted the child from this position to a more appropriate place. Parents complained about the poor education of the son. Two days after reshuffling his mom called me and said they were pleasantly surprised by the results. Boy the whole day did not leave new training places and drew a magnificent birthday newspaper for my mom and grandma on March 8.

A. by means of Feng Shui can stimulate the child’s progress in a particular area – education, sport, music or artistic abilities?

T. M. It refers to the knowledge of the special formulas of Feng Shui. Depending on the location relative to the cardinal directions, the expert can see, what qualities strengthen different directions. Some of them contribute to the manifestation of creative talents, others-studying, successful exams, etc.

Knowledge allows you to plan the baby’s room so that he and during sleep, and during prep, was oriented in a favorable directions. This will give him the opportunity to recover well, to be strong and harmonious. Then the intuition and the creative potential that lies in every will be able to naturally open and blossom.

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