Expensive bathroom!(fresh modern look)

Expensive bathroom!(fresh modern look)

What do you imagine? Spacious and bright? Rich and luxurious? Comfortable and stylish? White or gold, mosaic or glass – today is not important, but the fact that your bathroom should be your own idea, even philosophy. Modern designers are now designing some items for the bathroom – they create concepts, finished interior solutions. Bathroom becomes completely full and one of the most expensive rooms in the house.

Depending in what mood you will come out of the shower in the morning, largely depends on how you will spend your entire day, or at least its first half. In the shower you have to set yourself up for the next case, are you going to go to the office or a business meeting whether you want to indulge in a pleasant shopping, or you just have to cook Saturday Breakfast for the whole family and to walk the dog.

Shower is the best suited to Wake up; this property ablutions mentioned by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It’s nice after a sleep log to a spacious bathroom filled with light; to walk barefoot on a warm floor, to see yourself in a stylish mirror and smile at the beauty around me!

Of course, that morning was the most beautiful, and you became a cheerful, joyous, and beautiful, you need to in the bathroom was at least negative stimuli and a maximum of comfort, beautiful things and pleasant aroma!

To create you an amazing mood, on the design of the bathrooms feature the finest designers in the world – Philippe Starck, Norman foster, Dieter Sieger…

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They consider that the bathroom must be spacious – in the morning this is especially important for our dormant consciousness. But for our convenience it is equally important that everything in the bathroom was handy and gels, and creams, and towels, and brushes, and Hairdryers. Where everything is stored, where to clean, so as not to violate the perfect order that should prevail in the room? Lockers and cabinets, shelves and hangers – all designers design along with fixtures in the same style, in one collection. So in the morning, just going to the bathroom, you can feel the stylish man.

Modern shower cabin is not just a tool for taking a shower, it’s a real Spa for a morning Wake-up.

Huge shower heads create the feeling of a warm summer rain, and modern thermostats allow you to program several modes comfortable temperature! You still did not Wake up? Turn on the massage function, and a jet of cool water will bring freshness and vivacity, not only the body but also the spirit!

In the early morning or just after sleep we are especially sensitive to touch. All items for the bathroom are the so-called tactile tests for a pleasant and comfortable feeling. Remember the old valves too tight or, conversely, loosening plastic or metal handles?”lambs”. Now open water at the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Very different feeling – the smooth lines of mixers, pleasing not only the hand but the eye, light, effortless turns of the lever gloss chrome-plated steel… Convenience and comfort – that’s what advocated by modern designers. Cabinet doors in no case should not clap (the awakening is a very complex process), the surface should be pleasant to the touch (lacquer, wood, marble). In General, all natural materials in the bathroom are welcome. That’s why so popular were wooden and marble countertops for sinks.

And, of course, important for comfort is the role of light. This part need to pay special attention. In the bathroom it makes sense to make multilevel lighting, which you can change depending on mood.

Special emphasis should be given to the lighting modes “makednoi zone”: their presence will make it in the morning to apply light day make-up, and in the evening when she was going to the theater or to a restaurant – a refined and brighter. Yes, the bathroom itself may become your personal theatre stage, where you will transform from one role to another, to build scenes and create a different mood.

Despite the fact that the buzz – concept of the day (roughly speaking, this is a break from the heat in Arab countries like Siesta), we can obtain only in the evening, returning home from work. The best part is the bath! Down with shoes, clothes, fatigue!

Hello, sea salt, foam and a hot tub! Line up the “fine” scenery: soft light, not irritating tired eyes, a small chair, and on it Terry Bathrobe, soft music.

By the way, have you ever wondered what the technocracy of the modern world has given rise to unprecedented human desire for peace? Thanks to all this crazy world, ruthless computerization and the technical complication of life you and requires new forms of relaxation. Therefore, the bathroom and tubs appear in various configurations, tanning beds, couches, chairs, stereo installation; used game with light.

Real salvation after a long sedentary work at the computer is a bath with massage (in addition to “computer” seat is also not less unpleasant “standing” in traffic on the way to his favorite bath!). And the same technology that complicates our lives, we are in the bathroom – hydro? and jet massage, Turkish bath, aroma? and chromotherapy… in 10 minutes, taking a hot bath your body gain lost vitality, become more flexible and will even look slimmer. And words like insomnia, chronic fatigue and stress, will disappear out of your vocabulary – how strange.

Did you know that the skin can feel color? Yes, exactly, and this is proven by doctors and psychologists. They came up with such a healing and very fashionable today the function of the baths as chromotherapy. The colors have different influence on our state – can enhance the vitality and stamina, cheer up or reassure. For the evening we recommend a relaxed and soft colors – orange, green, purple.

Bath with hydromassage and chromotherapy, is not all that can offer you to fight with the evening tiredness modern bathroom. Here, like in a real Spa stands ready to help you, and a Turkish bath (Hamam), aromatherapy, restores physical and mental strength.

And after a bath or massage, it is recommended here, comfortably sitting in a chair, drink tea with herbs. It’s so nice to prolong the moments of relaxation in your favorite room – spacious and stylish, where you can be yourself or pretend to be someone else, where you can sing, dream and feel like a king or Queen.Look for stylish dressing table(vanity, dresser). To do this, just need a proper bathroom!

Take this simple philosophy – the philosophy of joy and beauty, vivacity and good mood!

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