Ethnic interior

One of the latest trends in the housing arrangement – the creation of ethnic interior in the tradition of a particular country. This also applies to the bathroom.

On our way, in Brazilian

Often the actual tradition of bathroom design goes against our (very superficial) ideas about the culture of a region. For example, do not assume that the bathrooms in Brazil is as bright and colorful as the local carnivals.

The decoration is usually dominated by the elements of stone and solid wood, which grows only in this country.

Specific Brazilian design combines minimalism and light-filled space. Some private homes are decorated in such a way that does not feel the verge of separating external and internal space.

And: bathtub Brazilians sometimes find a very unusual application. Known cases when “washing” the room even served as a theater scene: the “small” bathroom, containing “only” 30 people, with notices put on a play.

In Morocco you will not find bathrooms with toilets – Muslim traditions do not allow mixing of clean and dirty. In addition, the hot climate instilled in the local population love to water procedures: rarely what house cost only one bathroom. Although this is a purely practical explanation: in Morocco, a man is allowed to have several wives, because one bathroom for a large family may not be enough. For finishing of the premises Moroccans often use marble, which is mined in local quarries.

Pure English mixer

On the shores of Albion, and also in the USA you can often find conservative colonial style kitchen as the decoration and design of plumbing. For example, a massive roll-top baths that stand in the middle of the room, with a separately mounted valves for hot and cold water and spout. The explanation is simple: from time immemorial it was common for reasons of economy, first pour water into a tub or sink, and then move on to the hygienic procedures.

However, to find a solution that is appropriate in style to a bathroom, made in the English style, not so difficult. For example, faucets for three-hole from the Sinfonia or Arabesk is designed for such finishes.

In Israel, as in Morocco, homes have multiple bathrooms. However, each of them will offer a window with curtains or blinds. Israelis love to observe the world while swimming, so the Russian version without Windows on the street is unacceptable for them.

In Finland bath is found as rare as a sauna in the ordinary Russian apartment building. Except in private homes. In cheap municipal apartments, it is customary to install showers. And all from-for high tariffs for water. It is estimated that in the shower it is spent three times less, so the practical Finns prefer to save. But without the sauna local people really can not do: it is in the basement of almost every apartment building. The decoration of the Finnish bathrooms are often used a tree and stylized elements.

In the land of the rising sun believe that the combined bathroom has a negative impact on health. So the Japanese style is to use only one, preferably organic, material. The room should be bright and seem spacious, but its design is laconic, with a prevalence of quiet, soft tones and straight lines. The main thing in Japanese style, the spirit and not the form. It is important that all around had a calming effect. The perfect solution would be a large floor to ceiling window. If desired, it is possible to close the frosted glass.

Special mention deserves the Japanese bath – Kusatsu. In the past they were made of wood, form and a device resembling a huge tub. Today, some manufacturers produce sitz baths, created based on traditional Japanese. For example, thick-walled steel KUSATSU-POOL (KALDWEI) it is possible to place in a city apartment. She’s a very deep – 81 cm, width meter and a length of 1.4 meters. For the convenience of sitting made special pristupom. If space allows room, positioning the Japanese bath is best in the middle, on the catwalk, and convenience to make non-slip steps.

On a global scale

After the story about the features of bathrooms in different people, it would be logical to mention the international trends of their registration.

Today, in most modern bathrooms of the world has some SPA-salons and boudoirs, in their interior there are even sofas and kitchen tables, not to mention the numerous cabinets and shelves. And in addition to tubes and vials, all more common to see decorative items such as sea shells or figurines. Normal was the abundance of finishes and shiny surfaces. At the same time, household appliances such as washing machines, increasingly migrate to the kitchen or utility room.

The sinks and tubs from utilitarian devices turned into real works of art: today they are made not only of porcelain or ceramic, but also of marble, clear and colored glass (Ledeme, Nautico, Frap). There are also quite weighty bronzes. For example, the wall thickness in some models ELITE BATH exceeds 15 mm, which confirms the solidity of the structure.

Instead of the usual baths can often find hot, and for daily hygiene is now customary to use the showers.

Thus, bathrooms are rooms for relaxation. They became more spacious and aesthetic. Pipes and various plumbing fittings hidden in walls and catwalks. All the mechanisms and valves are mounted in special mounting boxes, recessed in walls like boxes for electric wiring the communication, and outside are only aesthetic controls (for example, GROHE produces a whole series of faucets for concealed mounting).

For decoration are widely used natural materials: ceramic tile, glass, granite. Many designers prefer the tree which fills the room with warmth and subtle fragrances of the forest. Such decisions are very real – good ventilation and warm floors have saved the premises from excessive humidity, unpleasant smells and mold.

As you can see, the bathrooms in different countries are becoming similar to each other. But they are not lost, and the elements of national color.

24 Photos of the Ethnic interior

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