Children’s sports area

The recommendations of the American pediatricians to devote themselves to children professionally – fabulous seem to be for mass non-us reader. It is clear that all the work, and many very important things not enough time and effort. Usually, such things do not reach the hands, is a sports area.

This area in which the child a very early start himself to take, will save you a lot of time. We’re not talking about what the emergence of such area in the house may become a turning point in the physical development of the child. The production of this area is not very difficult and for any even semi-professional carpenter (carpenter-retired, living in the neighborhood, do cheap).

game area for kids

That there should be? Two Swedish walls at an angle so that you can climb from one to another. That’s life the extent to which inventive child, even a very small, creates the game. A ladder hung horizontally, you can walk on your hands. A log or Board at low altitude. Low bar at chest level, so he could learn to tumble. This is almost the full program is three years,but the shells could be introduced gradually.

So, three staircases – two vertically and one horizontally, vortice in which a low beam, and the beam above the floor. It is pointless to offer the options and drawings, because this area should be included in a particular apartment, and all depends on the area that can be allocated to the child.

It is better that all this has been fixed, and is not intended for every day anew. Nice to have a smooth slide out of the Board the size of an ordinary door, by which you can move out.

The efforts you will undertake to create such an area, will pay off handsomely. It is not only sports equipment, this is the place for self-entertainment of the child. This device will give you a break for a long time holding the child’s attention.

In the first year of a child’s life sports area you can make the crib. You need to turn it into an active assistant that the child does not feel put in a boring prison with wooden slats. We already wrote about the parallel bars along the sides. Here’s another fixture that we use. Imagine an axle with wheels train car. We put this axle fluttering beds, wheel – easy pancakes from the rod at the edges – do not give to lift this axis, and inhibit forward movement. The child walks holding onto this axis, in both directions. If the child does not have time for the axis and forced to bend forward or backward, it creates a lot of different gymnastic tasks that he needs to deal with.

On the walls around the bed we attach a variety of dynamic toys that are shaking, spinning, ring, kick-starting interest in walking alongside. You can install the round stick over the bed, holding on to her outstretched hands and sometimes hanging, the child passed the whole length of the bed.

The final transformation of Patriarchal cots in an interesting place to live will be cutting two or three strips so that the child does not feel trapped, rather be playing in bed, knowing that if desired, he will be able it’s easy to get out.

In the doorway we hang a trapeze to swing on the arms. First, the child learns to hang on it, then with your help, gradually increasing the amplitude of the flight starts to go.

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game area for childrengame area for kids