Bathroom ventilation guide

Moisture condition of your accommodation can be seriously influenced by the usage of your bathroom and the efficiency of appropriate ventilation. This article is a short reminder for those who try to choose the relevant variant of this essential bath element.

Too humid air caused by water evaporations may lead to forming mold on the ceiling of your home place or even damage wallpapers and electrical wires. Wood and other furnishing may decay because of harmful influence of moisture. The worst thing is certainly a bad influence of extra dampness on your health. This may appear to be very disturbing. After all, fans take out bad odors and remains of water.

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While choosing the suitable fan you have to clarify few issues: the size of your bathroom, noise that vent produces, working features of the fan.

Relevant ventilation

Try to exclude placing fans in the area of joists and cooler rooms. That will lead to creating excessive humidity in places with higher temperature. Attic without regular heat should not be joined by ventilation items. It is preferable to locate the fan in the place where it directs the humid air right outside the house using the shortest way.

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Noise pollution

Quiet motor fan is a perfect solution for the house, where bedroom is next to the Bathroom ventilation guide. There are vents specially designed for such cases.

Capacity of air flow

If you want to calculate the power of your new fan than find the one that can eliminate minimum of 1 cubic meter of air per minute for each square foot of the room.

Other issues

In bathroom ventilation energy efficiency is also vital for economy reasons. While purchasing the vent, make sure you keep balance of energy use and power of the good.

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