Bathroom design: trends

Despite the fact that the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the apartment, often it becomes the field of activity interior designers. According to statistics, in the bathroom we spend almost three years of life. Probably, and so I want to make your stay in this comfortable room.

The dimensions of the room, of course, fetter the flight of design ideas, but don’t refuse the furniture and to choose minimalism. It is more correct to choose a compact modern solution. So instead of a bath to install a shower cabin, which will save space. Modern plumbing console half hidden in the wall. You can go the way of combining several objects into one. An example would be a screen-radiator from Patricia Ercoli – heated, mirror and built in shelves with hooks.

Modern bath – not just a place for hygienic procedures, but also the relaxing area. That’s why here appropriate and Ottoman, and storage of underwear and towels. Often doing the bathroom next to the dressing room so that you can immediately get dressed.

Another bath and Laundry area, so here are placed the washing machine and household chemicals, towel. Even the curtains in the bathroom are special, do not let warm air. If the size, showers and toilets displayed in a separate area.

Another trend – window in the bathroom. It is convenient and in private homes such interior solutions occur more often. If the window is over the bathtub, you can enjoy the views while lying in it. This window will reduce the cost of electricity, the day will not have to turn on the light. That the window didn’t fog up the window is a radiator or a heated towel rail. Part of the wall under the window is laid out to protect from moisture tile or water-resistant teak.

To protect against strangers of eyes can make the awning or Austrian blind, to use a matte and mirror protectors, Roman shades organza.

Experts recommend installing in the bathroom, plastic Windows – they do not rot, do not deform, do not miss the draughts and easy to clean. Wide color range of products allows you to choose a color by typing in the window of Ranma in the General style and color scheme of the interior. Today’s most popular tone – silver metallic. For classical interiors and will suit the shades of wood: mahogany, Golden and natural oak, cherry Amaretto, striped, Douglas, etc.

Choice of sanitary ware in a variety of shapes, designs and colors offered by manufacturers, also is not an easy task, if you want to choose not just comfortable and stylish but also combined with the interior. Still remain the most sought after classic sanitary ware and ceramics, modern and modern steel and glass attract fewer consumers.

Growing interest in Coriano – material based on mineral resins. Because of the flexibility it allows to embody any imagination of designers – various shapes, size, color. From large sheets, which is made of Corian, he was under pressure from sketches and drawings give the desired shape. Popular and cast marble is an artificial composite of a mixture of marble chips, polyester, quartz and pigment. The material is very durable and can take any form. For the manufacture of sanitary ware used even natural wood, its price is, however, not available to everyone.

Modern plumbing has surprised not only by the shape and material, but also high-tech filling, high practicality. Take, for instance, toilets with remote controls and hair dryers, built-in washbasins rails for towels in the bathroom and niches for accessories.
Bathroom today is a place not only for bathing and Laundry, but also relaxation. And modern design solutions allow you to combine practicality, convenience and style interior.

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