Are IKEA sliding doors worse its price?

Using IKEA sliding doors, you can increase the usable area, which is particularly important for small apartments. But sliding door allows light, smells, and sounds much better than rowing, because between the door leaf and frame the sliding door has a crack. In addition, prices for sliding doors above than swing doors.

IKEA sliding doors can not resist, if the client tries to open it, lawmaker with the usual, swinging door. But you can break the all-including hinged door. Sliding doors can move roughly, jerks, they can jam. This is the fault of the sliding door mechanism, which should be selected carefully.

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In our market there are sliding doors of different manufacturers-Italian, Finnish, German, and Russian. Very popular are Swedish IKEA sliding doors. The company has a long tradition of the production of wood products, including conventional and sliding doors. German door has very high quality also, but more expensive than IKEA sliding doors. Quality Spanish sliding and entry doors for sale below, but the prices are acceptable for the average consumer. Russian wooden doors have a very high price (most expensive solid oak door worth 300-500 $) and a good design. The quality of the Russian sliding doors is quite acceptable, although buying patriotic door requires special consultation. Solid wood door is durable; if the material is dried to the proper technology is expensive.

Purchase mechanism for sliding doors can be in retail. You can buy the door leaf right along with the mechanism. In the latter case, the price can be slightly higher. And in fact, in either case, the original price of the sliding door, you need to add cost of services for the delivery of a door cloth and accessories to install the cassette with the destruction of part of the wall and roof sheathing plasterboard (200-250 $). For the production of a single leaf sliding door sizes for the mark-up is 20-50%. Wealthy people for mansions may be sliding doors and six more paintings.

Sliding door can be more economical if it has standard dimensions, has no glass and a cassette tape. The advantages of the Pre-hung exterior door – much easier in installation!: your apartment will be more spacious and original.

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