Which house is better: brick or wood?

Building your own home entails a lot of trouble and difficult decisions, ranging from very practical, such as, for example, the cost of construction, to a purely aesthetic (for example, in what style to build a house, how to choose the design). One of the first issues prior to construction is what material to build a house? With a huge variety of materials on the market remain priority two: the house of wood and brick (stone) cottage.

Brick and stone cottages have the following advantages:

House of bricks (concrete materials) possess great strength and durability. Cottage of brick will last much longer than homes made of wood, it does not lose the appearance and operational characteristics.

Stone houses have increased in comparison with wood, thermal conductivity. To ensure warmth and comfort all year round the thickness of the walls should be sufficient.

The most common factor influencing the choice of stone as material for building houses is that the stone house “do not burn”. Brick and concrete materials are really a higher grade of fire resistance than wood. Fire mostly they were structurally preserved, but lose some of their strength properties. So the main thing in this question – reliability of the heating and electrical networks and their proper use.

Stone buildings potentially have great architectural features, a variety of forms and expressiveness, allowing to embody the most daring design fantasies. You can build any structure from avant-garde round house to the most complex of the classical Gothic Cathedral. Another advantage of the construction of houses made of stone is a huge number of options for finishing the walls. This can be a variety of cladding — brick, tiles made of natural or artificial materials; plaster — different colors and textures; moldings, etc.
Disadvantages of stone houses.

Brick houses are quite expensive compared to wood.

Brick houses are not suitable for temporary accommodation. If the house of bricks a while is not heated, then returned to it You feel like a cellar – cold and damp. To get a good warm brick house will take more than one day, i.e. the heat will be a time when it is time to leave. To avoid this, or to live permanently in a house, or keep warm in the automatic mode.

The advantages and disadvantages of wooden houses.

Among the positive features of wooden country houses it should be noted:

Houses made of wood more affordable than a house of bricks.

Wood – environmentally friendly for human living material.

The atmosphere in the house filled with the scent of pine trees and forests, and Sunny warm tones of the wooden walls will not leave anyone indifferent, will allow you to relax and unwind from the “hectic” city.

Wood is a material with low thermal conductivity. The walls of the wooden cottage longer keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer. So can be made smaller in comparison with stone house, thick walls and reduce construction costs. And since the tree has small weight, we skimp and by building a less massive Foundation. The wooden house is less than “chill”, it can be much easier and faster warm up. In a wooden house is not such as in a brick damp feeling, because the wood “breathes”, ie, allows moisture in the room to go outside.

Disadvantages of wooden houses:

Wooden houses are considered to be less expressive in terms of architecture (although, if we recall the Russian wooden architecture, then this can be questioned). In any case, the architecture of the wooden houses are quite calm and balanced – is a feeling of confidence and life stability, has an unusually attractive aura of coziness. Material for building house walls can serve as a profiled timber or rounded log. It has good finished surface which can be coated with different paints or varnishes. This coating have to periodically renew. In order not to waste time and energy, “box” houses are often made of normal timber or logs.

After the shrinkage of the house, the outside walls of the polymer sheathe clapboard — siding, for which care is not necessary. Finish siding noticeably change the appearance of the cottage, making it more modern.

The main argument against the construction of houses and cottages of wood is that the wood has low resistance to fire. But on the other hand, burning houses made of wood, and brick. This is mainly due to improper installation and operation of heating or electrical appliances. Therefore, well-executed calculation of electric networks and observance of constructive requirements at installation of furnaces and fireplaces will allow You to protect yourself and your home from fire.

Rehabilitation costs after the fire stone houses comparable to the cost of the construction of a new cottage made of wood. Yes, and the insurance would have been nice to be warned beforehand.

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