When appear bathroom sink plumbing needs?

The best way to avoid problems with plums and bathroom sink plumbing needs is to prevent their occurrence. In the drain must not get anything but dirty water. Hair, offal fat of any kind can not enter into the drain. If the water is drained from the sink slowly, then something has blocked her free pass in the pipe, and it should be cleaned.

The acts and bathroom sink plumbing needs in these cases can be different. The easiest way – use the plunger, covering the first hole with a rag. Furthermore, it is desirable to remove the lid lifting device plum

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In commercially available factory tools for cleaning drains that dissolve fat and hair – the main causes of clogged drain and pipes and bathroom sink plumbing needs. Many of them are strong alkalis; therefore, require careful handling so as not to cause a chemical burn skin and eyes. Strictly follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Be sure to spray solvent does not hit you or the room. If the solvent does not help, do not use after the plunger. Sometimes the drain system can be cleaned with water under pressure (7-728). Attach the hose to the hydrant discharge out, get him into the house to the sink and insert the end into the drain hole. Wrap the end of the hose with a cloth that has been inserted into the hole with a seal. Including water, hold the hose and rags, creating a higher pressure in the locked position.

Suppose at the tap someone on duty in case rinse pipe, you can not. If this is not done, the water pressure can hit you in the face. If the wash pipe failed, hold the hose for some time to push a clot of mud to the sewer pipes of large diameter. On sale are short hoses made specifically for cleaning, which have tapered tip, was inserted into the drain hole. It is very simple to find it, as Make a colorful kitchen!.

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