What metal and how to select it?

Metal is quite attractive and prestigious appearance, its protective coating has a wide color gamut.
Tiles of metal are easy to install. With a width of over a meter length of the shingle can reach 6-8 m, which ensures minimum number of joints and, consequently, greater strength and water resistance.
It’s pretty lightweight material. The weight of one square meter of metal – 4.5 kg (for comparison, ceramic tile weighs 38-40 kg/m2).
Metal roofing can be considered a durable material. These roofs appeared in the late 40-ies. Their protection and coverage have been much simpler, nevertheless, they are still in excellent condition and look great.

What metal and how to select it?
The main component of metal – steel. Its standard thickness is 0.5 mm. If the thickness of the metal is at least one-tenth less than that, significantly reduced the strength and durability of roofing, which has properties similar to the foil.

Steel is a material which corrodes. So you need to protect. Fairly reliable, albeit outdated method of protecting steel – galvanized coating. But if you want to ensure the longevity roof, use shingles with an aluminum-zinc coating. This coating extends the life of metal in half.

The second, equally important component of the shingles – its decorative layer. As this layer is now used polyester, Pural and plastisol.
For our climatic conditions the most practical coated polyester feel. It is able to withstand 2 times higher temperature than the plastisol, which is important factor in the South. He also has no micro-cracks, which are a hotbed of corrosion, which can sometimes be found in the Puranas. In addition, polyester cheaper than other decorative surfaces.

Polyester on metal roofing comes in two types: Standard and Matte. Tile with polyester Standard differs from the tile with a Matt polyester glitter in the sun.

The third component of determining the metal can be considered her profile. The models differ in metal pitch, pattern and depth profile. More than the relief profile is, the greater the pitch, the better the roof, the she’s prettier and more expressive, the more the steel sheet is 1m2 and above the price charged by the manufacturer.

It should be noted that the choice of metal you need to pay attention to the manufacturer. Find the best products produced in the Scandinavian countries – Sweden and Finland.

PVF2 – particularly high-quality coating material. The corrosion resistance of PVF2 is good, keeping the appearance – excellent. Mainly used as a roofing material for facing of facades, steel structures, etc., PVF2 can be recommended for use in areas where durability polymer coating and color tone are especially high requirements.

PVC PLASTISOL 200 – used on inner and outer surfaces. Corrosion resistance and machinability of this material is excellent. Main material for coating roof tiles.

PURAL – new coverage of Rautaruukki, based on the polyurethane. Excellent material for roofing and facade tiles. Has good corrosion resistance, withstands UV radiation, is chemically resistant, pleasant to look at and well processed even at low temperatures.

POLYESTER coating proven long-term operation in Russian conditions. Polyester has good resistance to weathering and long retains color backgrounds. Protects the metal from corrosion.

BRUSHED POLYESTER is highly atmospheric and corrosion resistance. The matte surface of metal looks good on the roof.

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