What does it mean, French kitchen design?

What does it mean, French kitchen design?

Often the phrase “French style” is associated with pomp, exquisite luxury, natural wood and gold. And there is some truth. After the French style in the interior originated in the late seventeenth century, when at the height of fashion was a luxury. But today things have changed. All that is associated with France, but a uniform style in the French design does not exist.

So far, there are three different areas:

French kitchen design floors

– Palace style. This is an elegant interior for houses of the old type, or modern mansions. Here in French kitchen design there are large windows and majestic high ceilings, natural wood, handmade;

– Provence style. This French kitchen design has characteristic features – brickwork, wooden furniture, soft pastel shades, and the presence of textiles;

– Norman style – a combination of history and modernity, exquisite vintage. So, there is no place for How to make the unique kitchen design and other ultra modern things.

French kitchen design 2014

How to describe the French style in the interior as a whole? First of all, it is the presence in the interior of the tree, which can last century. Furniture should always be natural, acceptable artificially aged wood. Also in the French interior uses natural stone, forging, painted brick. For decorative indispensable element remains textiles, used various accessories chenille, satin, silk, velvet, taffeta, organza, as well as cotton and linen fabrics, which will give the room a finished appearance.

If you dream of a particle of France in your home, you should try to create a modern kitchen design so as to preserve the French flavor.

The French kitchen design is performed in light pastel colors. For walls, you can use the bright ceramic tile. This will add luster to the interior. Apron area can be distinguished darker tiles and floor – to issue or parquet floorboard. Recommended ceiling mount plasterboard, then put on a pattern that repeats the pattern of the walls.

What else you can add in order to make your kitchen shine? Of course, it is all about wall decorations. Buy printable wall art by artists directly on ETSY. Print and frame it yourself. French style kitchen printable wall art is here.

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