What do you need to know, choosing a good soundproof interior door?

Sound absorption doors are depended largely on their design. Made using old technologies (frame of wooden slats, leather sheet materials like fiberboard or MDF) poor absorb sound, as have many voids. In some cases, even the noise is amplified (the effect of the cavity).
Choosing a good soundproof interior door , select exactly part of your room, where to protect themselves from the noise really need: a bedroom, nursery, office, music studio …
Modern manufacturing techniques of panel doors suggest filling the internal volume of cardboard, packed like a honeycomb of bees – get the door to a better sound insulation. Compared to wood, cardboard itself is less elastic and less prone to transmission of sound.
If you plan to use a door made of aluminum profile, you should be aware of its high sound conductivity. But it takes about 10-15% of the area of ​​the door, so that the contribution of the profile in the insulating properties of the door is small. If this Single glass – achieved soundproofing doors will be very low. Another thing glazed (located “sandwich” two, three or more glasses of an air gap between them) or sandwich panel, which consists of a foam material (foam, polystyrene foam, etc.), lined with plastic. Indicators double glass pane (from x2) and sandwich panels are quite high, and the dual-chamber (of 3 glasses) – nearly ideal for most rooms in the house. Advices about choosing the best decorative front doors for your home need to remember, that according to numerous reviews, soundproof interior- doors Wood are the best. So, choosing the best decorative front doors for your place you should know that 25 STC means that you can hear light sounds, the middle point of the SPU 40 – 60 STC – whole soundproofing.

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