What are commercial sliding doors?

What are commercial sliding doors?

Modern living and doing business require us to increasingly sophisticated and user-friendly solutions in the area of space. That is why sliding partitions are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, with their help; you can easily and simply zone the space even of the smallest rooms. They allow you to change the functionality of any room without extensive alterations or costly repairs. In addition, such partitions provide a beautiful decoration of the Interior, and it does not occupy useful space. We sell sliding constructions both in New York and in other large cities of USA.

All modern commercial sliding doors conventionally divided into three groups: the doors room dividers and commercial sliding doors systems. It is the latter group deserves the most attention, because offers users the ultimate in comfort.

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Despite the fact that modern commercial sliding doors can be made from any material, the most popularity today have aluminum systems. They are characterized by low weight, high aesthetic and performance, without requiring complex care and are not afraid of mechanical damage.

Aluminum commercial sliding doors systems consist of two parts:

– The sending mechanism is the roller bracket and fasteners, which are hidden under the decorative box;

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– Doors.

Depending on the installation place of the sending mechanism, there are two types of sliding systems. The first type is a structure that guides are installed on the floor. The second is the threshold free system Guide which is in the form of the upper suspension and is fixed to the ceiling or at a certain distance from it. Step-free type of partitions is more convenient in everyday use, and therefore is more common. But How to choose interior oak doors are usually quite high.

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