Vintage interior doors

No matter how times have changed, regardless of the styles and fashion trends did not become popular, old is always in fashion.

Vintage interior doors in are popular among the buyers, in view of the fact that this area is a priority in the modern fashion. Vintage interior doors successfully complement as extraordinary design-project, and the classic environment space.

interior door cut to size

Artificially Vintage interior doors are arched entry doors, recognized from the first moment of its occurrence in the world of production, as a response to the desires of the most exquisite in the Interior, bringing the comfort of harmony, beauty and refinement.

The technology of artificial aging reveals the beauty of the wooden figure. A glass panel interior door of artificially aged wood can carry original design solutions (painted, glass and wrought iron details) may please the eye, and the enduring beauty of natural wood (oak, pine, cherry and exotic species).

The doors are popular with traces of beetle’s bark beetles. Application technique does not make special work, usually such traces left by using the special screwdriver. In practice, to make the interior doors and home decoration in General generally use two methods.

custom size oak internal doors

It uses special finishing varnishes, due to the properties of which are the effect of cracking. Method to create two types of surfaces of craquelure is introduced. The door can be pronounced, serious cracks and small (usually applies to canvases and boxes). Differing ways of craquelure is introduced.

Artificially aged the door a perfect fit and innovative design project and in the traditional setting. And if you are inclined towards the House of vintage interiors and love collecting vintage things, then the ideal solution would only artificially aged the door.

Featuring a massive and deliberate processing (deliberately left traces of knots; irregularities; a darker color) vintage doors give their owners the confidence and talk about prosperity and well-being.

20 Photos of the Vintage interior doors

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