Types of Wood Flooring for a Stylish House

Do you interesting to have one of types of wood flooring? Wood flooring has been used by many people because it has good style and comfortable for house interior. It is made by timber which is processed to be used as flooring. Wood flooring are usually used in tropic area because it creates pleasant and peaceful condition. It gives a cool sensation when it is hot outside and warms you up when it is cold at night.

There are some material types of wood flooring which are from Solid Hardwood and Engineered hardwood. Solid wood is something like plank that is arranged in certain pattern to make the flooring. It is usually has thickness for about 18 or 10 mm. The planks don’t directly given finishing when it is installed for the house, but it will be after the arrangement. It is different with using Engineered hardwood (seems like the kinds of plywood). This kind of wood is usually easier to install but the basic floor should be in good condition and has a good flat surface. It usually has been given a finishing which makes it easier to install on the floor.

If you decide to have one of types of wood flooring, you should consider about what kinds of woods that you will use and how good the quality is. To make it looks nice, you can choose some patterns. It can be random square shapes, rectangle, etc. It usually has certain motif. It depends on you to choose the style (the wood arrangement) to make your floor look elegant. Rather than using ceramics, wood flooring makes your house look harmonious and traditional. This kind of flooring style is also easy to clean. Can you imagine how beautiful your house will be with wood flooring? It is going to be the most stylish house.

15 Photos of the  Types of Wood Flooring for a Stylish House