Thinking about building a child’s room

It has long been established that natural materials are the best way affects the child’s psyche. From infancy until about ten years the child learns with the help of touch-smell-sight. Touching, feeling, looking at a piece of wood, a pinecone, a leaf, the baby receives a huge amount of information about the world.

What can you tell the baby the standard and impersonal plastic toys? Therefore, along with the polymer materials in the house have to be toys of natural materials — wood, stone, a variety of fabrics. Ideally, the nursery should be pasted environmentally friendly Wallpaper, decorated with natural fabrics, furnished with almost raw furnishings in earthy colours. The room must be flowers in pots, for which the child himself will care.

Minimalism, with its empty spaces and sterile surfaces in the nursery (at least up to 10 years) is not the place. The richer and richer the details surrounding the child’s environment, the better. The variety of items on the shelves in the nursery and the house in General, a variety of textures, fabrics, colors, shapes creativity, develops mentally and physically. And don’t forget that this whole diverse world, like a living organism must constantly change.
In the nursery, where a child under ten years of age, must be a area where plenty pobezobraznichat — to draw on the wall, for example, etc. However if the child is older still paints the furniture and draws on the walls from sprays, therefore, he protests against parental values. This is normal — do not panic. But know that, for example, color sassy stripe through the mirror suggests that your teen at least contradictory to his true — love themselves and can’t.

If the room boy, especially on the walls, which are usually festooned with posters, placards, etc., is dominated by a sharp, contrasting colors (especially black and white), it speaks to his unstable mental condition. Red-black combination indicate a high level of aggression: if the teenager in this case behaves provocatively, it’s not so bad. If outwardly he seems calm, it is worse — newsplusnotes negativity threatens to illness, neuroses and other troubles.

There are things that downright crying about the danger. Images of lightning bolts, skulls, swastikas on the walls — a sign that the struggle of a teenager with social norms of adults have already switched to pathology. All sorts of monsters, aggressive, exciting disturbing images, scenes of violence point to the affective, unstable state of mind.

And the chaos in the room — not a definite thing. It may lie not only laziness and complacency, but the confusion of feelings, confusion in the face of life, unconscious conflict with the adult world. The mess should especially pay attention, if your first organized child suddenly began to throw things around the room. Maybe he’s hopelessly in love?

But if the teenager brings to the interior anything of his own, is a serious alarm, the child withdraws into himself. He probably feels at home “not at home”, where it uncomfortable and uncomfortable, something that scares him. This often happens when parents don’t get along with each other. Especially dangerous and obvious symptom is neglected featureless room without your favorite things, but “well maintained” computer. A smart home inhabitant of this child — in the virtual space in the Internet jungle. And any form of enclosure of life, in scientific escapism, fraught with many challenges. Most of them are small — infantilism, avoidant behavior and the inability to life.

But the child, who clings to toys and things from early childhood, most likely, too is not very comfortable in the present, so he idealizes the past. It seems that then loved him more, impose less requirements, etc. When the room is fifteen-year-old girl still reigns Supreme only one Barbie, it is a sign of immaturity, surrender to the advancing adult life.

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