Thermal insulation materials – 6 ways to keep warm

Thermal insulation materials – 6 ways to keep warm

First, we define the ways in which the heat out of the house. They are three:

natural heat when the dwelling temperature tends to catch up with the outside;
Common draft in an apartment blown warm air;
and the most inconspicuous warmth enemy – is the infrared radiation which creates all warm objects. It easily passes through walls and warm outside.
Now a few more of these ways of leaving the heat out of the house.

Multi-foil insulation

Natural heat is always there, where there is a temperature difference. Heat will always go to where the cooler. You probably will not notice the time, living in brick houses with concrete floors, like them hot in summer and cold in winter. These homes – good conductors of heat and natural as no swamps – the heat goes out. In such houses can live when you can not touch a hand to the battery. Without insulation can not do, something to talk about a little later.

Ordinary draft clear to everyone. If your room after screening off heat cools rapidly – the case of drafts. It is understood that completely stops the air replacement in the room you can not, you need a communication with the outside world, but to better manage the process.

Finally, invisible and insidious enemy is heat – infrared radiation. It is necessary to look through a night vision device in the houses, they completely red. Street heated due to ruthlessly our money. The radiation easily penetrates through the wall, taking with it the heat.

TradeSelect Thermal Break 8 Foil Shed house insulation

So how do you deal with loss so necessary to us warmth in the winter and the heat in the summer? There are a number of decisions, in the aggregate are characterized as energy saving and energy efficiency. To date, there are six main ways.

The use of thermal insulation, save money on which you can recommend only foe. On the walls, ceiling and floor mounted low thermal conductivity material: mineral or glass wool, polystyrene, polyurethane foam.
When insulation is necessary to take into account the “breathing” of the walls. Excessive isolation leads to a lack of oxygen, it disrupts the normal humidity in the apartment. That is, the insulated, but not enough to completely isolate the housing from the environment.
Wall insulation is best done outside, which is much more effective protection against the wind and creates a normal heat.
It is important to establish the correct ventilation of the apartment to warm air blown cold and naturally regulate the temperature, maintaining the normal content of oxygen and moisture.
Pay attention to your windows and balcony doors. Apply double-glazed windows, heat insulation glass and reducing heating costs are guaranteed to 3 times.
Fight with an invisible heat radiation effective film containing aluminum. It retains heat in winter and cool in summer.

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