The right children’s room

A child needs love much more than comfort. But it is equally important for a growing person’s understanding of adults. The “right” nursery capable of interacting with the child, to grow and change along with it. I remember a large, indoor carpet wooden chest, on which day played mothers and daughters, theatre or hospital my dolls, and at night I slept by myself. This chest stood in the corner of our one room in a large communal apartment.

He was my “child”, most of this, because he had the main thing: I was established here and kept order. In all the cleaning and rearranging my corner was untouchable. In the adult world, among them difficult and poor postwar life, it was my sovereign territory, the space of my freedom… the Foundation of any child’s respect for the child’s tastes and character, to his emerging personality. Today, when the sale of so many diverse, beautiful and comfortable children’s furniture, it is important to keep this “sovereignty,” not letting yourself be carried away by perfect design.

Freedom baby

Psychologists well known “syndrome of Peter pan, the boy who could not and did not want to grow up. Some parents, trying to fulfill unfulfilled dreams of the past, trying to “preserve” the childhood of their children and create a room that is not able to develop and Mature along with the little master. The nursery doesn’t need to be too entertaining, a kind of animated book illustration with painted walls and fantastic lighting.

The more specific “magic”, the less develops their own child’s imagination. Children should strictly regulate the behavior of the child or to suppress his sterile “correct” and rational. The kid in his room needs at least a certain amount of unpredictability and variability of the game.

However, this usually is in conflict with the requirements of order and cleanliness. But it is important to find a balance between necessity and freedom, between rules and agreements. Nurturing the habit of the order, can not impose to the child their skills and their value system. It is not necessary to discuss whether some old wheels or old doll, a coil of wire or unintelligible scraps. Let all these childish values will be his place – beautiful boxes, shelves, drawers. Then a dull chore can become a pleasure.

Freedom child (as an adult) can not be infinite. Genuine freedom always combined with the skills of respect for others. The “Charter of children’s simple, but contains a clear and well-understood requirements. But for their implementation it is necessary to create preconditions.

Mobile furniture

Children’s designed as an open self-developing system with many options. As any personal room, it should be ready for the routine of life – sleeping, dressing-undressing, snacking and so on. No less important is it “meaningful” activities – playing, reading and of course studying. In all these life processes are involved things. Kids closets and beds, tables and shelves, stands for books, tapes or the computer have to do not just convenient, but are able to change their status. The bed drawers should be able to turn into a pie of the Indian and the cabin of a spaceship, flying house Ellie or shelter to the hobbits.

Just on those grounds, the furniture for the nursery it is better not to decorate the plot with paintings or carvings (in fact wardrobe with giraffes or a bed with “chicken legs” more difficult to transform to the icebreaker or submarine). You should not be afraid that the furniture will not be enough bright and cheerful. The child himself will brighten her imagination. In addition, the modern style is generally characterized by restraint.

Mobility – in the literal and figurative sense – the necessary baby furniture and utensils. Some designers specially offer all the nursery furniture to be mounted on wheels – this funny and practical in numerous permutations.

Ability to transform – one of the main features of the design for children. Because they not only engage in the fantasy of almost the entire setup of my room, but is growing faster than we have time to realize it. Therefore, the sets of children’s furniture should be as portable, able to move apart and to change the designation of separate parts (e.g., the same shelf can be put horizontally, like a box, and vertically as an outdoor locker for a change of clothes).

Better if things are modular, so they can be build by adding the missing tanks and free surface. Parents often complain that children are not adequately protective of the environment and make a beautiful room “who knows what”. Not to worry here is necessary, and to embrace this impermanence and the fact that computer games do not become the only activity of your children! In fact, the frequent change of interest is the normal way a normal child to explore himself.

And children should be able to go along with it. Hard in the nursery should be only ergonomic requirements: the mattress is flat and soft, light on the desktop on the left foot rest while working at a Desk is mandatory, the support for the back too, the seat is solid, the distance between the Desk and chair is adjustable for growth. Everything else is a matter of taste. If things around quality, with well-treated surfaces and rationally located, the children will be able to transfer all the disasters of primary and secondary school age and live to the moment when she was destined to become in the room of the young man.

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