The iron bed frames

Bedroom – a rather intimate place in our house. We rarely invite strangers into it, they themselves are held there for at least 9-10 hours per day. That is, more than 30% of our life. If the other rooms we can partially sacrifice comfort or practicality of furniture for the sake of fashion and beauty (such as When appear bathroom sink plumbing needs?), the bedroom is definitely not the place where the furniture is selected to capture the imagination of visitors. In an ideal bedroom should be warm and cozy. It is certainly worth a bed in which you gladly go in the evening, and that do not want to leave in the morning.

Therefore, first of all, the choice of sleeping place – is the choice of comfort level that it can provide you.

iron bed frames lay-by design

Most often in furniture stores in Ukraine you will find a bed with the iron bed frames. They are considered the most reliable and durable

The iron bed frames of such frameworks is a member of the all-welded profile pipes with wall thickness from 1 to 1.5, which is attached by means of plastic slat pockets (armor)acting as shock absorbers.

And finally, a little secret in order not to make the wrong choice:

iron bed frames lay-by design

– buying a bed, do not forget to specify whether a skeleton in its value. Sometimes sellers call you a price, not voicing the fact that the price of the bars is not included.

– choosing the iron bed frames, carefully review the quality of the welds. Some manufacturer’s sin is that is welded to the metal parts inside the spot. This is unacceptable,

– please note the number of poles. It is desirable that a single frame of at least 5 four at the corners and one in the middle of the transverse side-bar. A double poor must be at least 6. But it’s not all models. Sometimes legs may not be at all – their function is performed by carrying bed itself, i.e. the side parts which abut on the floor.

– look is it possible to adjust the support height. This is a very convenient feature, especially as the price of such a framework differs only slightly.

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