The design of project modern bathtub

How to impress your guests your bathroom?

Toilet and bathroom — and simply put, the bathroom is almost the most conservative areas in the house. As fifty years ago, here are three items: a bath, washbasin and WC.

However, this is only at first glance nothing has changed. In the capital’s shops plumbers can find a lot of original new products — and on the technical stuffing and design. Here are just a few examples of how to amaze guests with its own bathroom.

Water football

To think that the house is not just a wash, but at the same time soak up the water jets, all used. There are simple massage panels, which are suspended in a conventional shower stall, are heaped hybrids bath and shower, with jets of several types, with coloured lights, music and a Turkish bath function, for example.

The most fun device now a hot tub with… a TV. Not only that, you are massaged with water jets — you can’t break away from watching, say, football matches, because at the end of the bath is mounted a small “blue screen”. No problem connecting a TV and VCR or DVD player. Then in your spare time home from the bath do not get out will be.

But special chic — the same hot tub and a TV… two places. The main thing — rooting for the same team. Otherwise the flood can not be avoided.

Toilet with built-in enema

Even more design ideas working toilets. “White friend” increasingly provide all sorts of technical bells and whistles. For example, several years ago, a British company has developed a toilet that monitors the diet of his master: if a person, for example, constipation — plumbing understands this, and on the Internet buys in the supermarket, products with fiber, which with this unpleasant disease fighting.

Japanese firms in response invent the toilet “medical education”: teach plumbing to measure the weight of the owner, amount of fat pressure, pulse, and determine the level of sugar in the urine, and even doing a pregnancy test. However, all these know-how far from the realm of fiction and the mass market has not been received.

Waiting for these new items, you can equip home bowl, for example, a seat with bidet functions. This new product is not prohibitively expensive, and the toilet thanks to her turns in “two in one”. One or two taps under the seat, intelligent sanitary ware tempted owner heated water. The kit can also include a hair dryer with adjustable temperature, some models come with a heated seat, massage jets and even… a cleansing enema.

Oak bathroom

Fans of high-tech, as we know, confront the lovers of classics. But their hardwood kitchen and natural oak parquet floor there is a suitable plumbing. For example, wooden.

Wooden baths are recently again conquer the world of the wealthy. Usually property owners are afraid to buy in the bathroom, even some wooden shelves — say, wood will quickly get soggy and rot. However, modern wooden tubs are the exclusive product and, on assurances of manufacturers, is well protected from moisture.

There is, for example, bathtubs that are made of many small fitted to each other by a wooden plate. Moreover, wood treated with natural resins — water does not penetrate into it, and lying in the bath the person is not “filled” chemistry. Other tubs are made of solid wood — oak. Lying in a “bucket”, apparently, you can soak in the beneficial properties of this tree, like wine turning into oak barrels in the cognac.

This bathroom perfectly complements the wooden bowl. This is not “point” in a village latrine, and Hyper exclusive lounge and prohibitively expensive. Wooden toilet seat — the throne in the style of French kings, the Merovingians, had ruled a thousand years ago. Pleasant and straightforward add-ons to it — the music when you lift the lid, and linkage bell during the descent of the water…
The portrait on the sink

To decorate a bathroom now can be anything you like — colors of the same tile do not count. But in addition to colored floors and walls begging for color and plumbing. Of course, in the stores more often appear red, pink, blue, grey and light green sinks and toilets. But why not get a sink in the flower? Or, say, the toilet in the Scottish cell? It turns out that it is quite possible. Just to paint the plumbing you will be individually — to order.

— Client selects one of the models, plumbing and any picture in the catalog — say the designers. Or bring us your picture. We send the order to the factory in Italy. And there the artist paints manually the sink or toilet, then the product is fired in a kiln to ensure the image is not erased and does not crack, and send to the customer.

In principle, to decorate the sink and the toilet can be anything up to their own portraits or childish drawing of your five children. Only here the bath to pick up the tone it will be difficult — they are, alas, not paint. And just because bath dimensions do not fit in the kiln.

Of course, if you want to let guests dust in the eyes, have to shell out. All these originality are very expensive. This the reason, or because of a commitment to people, their habits the most popular right now, according to the staff of city stores, all the toilets, sinks and baths traditional white color.

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