The choice of type of Foundation when building a house

Foundation – the Foundation of the building and what it is stronger, more durable structure. The cost Foundation is around 15-20% of your home’s value. Correction improperly Foundation elusive and the costs of these works can be achieved is 30% of your home’s value. Therefore, the choice of Foundation should be approached very responsibly. The Foundation is the Foundation of the house. The Foundation must be reliable.

The level of groundwater, groundwater has a significant influence on the behavior of many soils. A better environment for the future the Foundation will be the conditions under which the depth of frost penetration depth of less groundwater. Conversely, severe conditions are conditions where the depth of frost penetration depth of more ground water. Build a Foundation in very difficult circumstances responsible action. In the latter case, with the increasing cold will increase the depth of soil freezing. When the depth of frost penetration reaches the level of underground waters, will begin their transformation into ice, and with it, and swelling, “swelling” of the soil. This unpleasant phenomenon overshadowed by the fact that this swelling is virtually never uniform, and in different parts of the Foundation soil recovery will be uneven. The result is a skewed Foundation, the redistribution of loads in it and around the structure, the possibility of cracking, as the very Foundation and walls of the house.

Our firm offers to build a Foundation of various structures and different degrees of complexity, depending on the wishes of the Customer and structural necessity.

Type of construction the Foundation of choice, the Exodus of the loads. By way of support on the primer the main types of building foundations three – tape, columnar and slab foundations.

The construction of the Foundation of the belt type. Strip foundations are used when producing the construction of foundations with heavy walls. Completing the construction of the Foundation, lay the tape under all inner and outer major walls, wherein the cross-sectional shape the same around the perimeter of the Foundation. It is advisable to build the foundations of ribbon-type at the risk of non-uniform deformation of the base at a shallow depth of their laying, in this case they arrange continuous reinforced belt. Carrying out building the Foundation of the belt type, the sole Foundation is usually placed at 20 cm below the freezing depth of soil. Implementing the Foundation for building strong and deep-freezing swelling soils, strip foundations are used infrequently. The thickness of the sand cushion is typically 30-60 cm, but should not be more half the height of the Foundation.

Construction technology base tape type is simple, but they are characterized by massiveness, a considerable consumption of materials and high labor input. The minimum thickness of the Foundation depends on the material used. To accelerate the construction of the basement is often used in Foundation blocks.

Construction of Foundation columnar type. Another very common type of building foundations – pier Foundation. Through the construction of foundations, pillars were erected at all corners, intersections of walls, under piers, under heavily loaded bearings and runs at other points of concentrated loads. The distance between the posts – 1.5-2.5 meters Carrying out building the Foundation the minimum cross-section of Foundation pillars is accepted, depending on what material they are made of: concrete and rubble concrete – 400mm masonry – 600mm, brickwork above earth level – 380 mm.

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