Stellar bathroom

Before architects and engineers were adherents of functionalism and sought to use as little space for such necessary items of the house or apartment as the bathroom. The result is bathrooms took a total of 4-6 square meters and almost never had Windows, being a kind of transit station between sleep and wakefulness.

Now home and business life increasingly overlap: office e-mail, which you check at home, using banking and shopping online. On the other hand, reigns cult of the body – the desire for relaxation, recreation and strengthening of the body here and now, in other words, active rest and healthy lifestyle. Accordingly, changing the niche occupied by the bathroom.

The modern bathroom may become a temple of a healthy lifestyle or a miniature SPA.
The bathroom becomes a room

Functionalist bathrooms are now considered obsolete. If someone buys a house or apartment, be sure to is taken for the repair of the bathroom.

Inspecting the dwelling, first of all pay attention to the bathroom, however, after having the balcony. To sell an expensive apartment with the ordinary bath is practically impossible. Former interior today, almost do not meet a man more or less familiar with the design. If conditions permit, the owners are expanding the bathroom – at least 8 square meters.

If a limited area of the apartment is not an obstacle for the free planning, the bathroom turns into a full room. Sometimes it is combined with a room for fitness. This bathroom is a wide space on the ground floor of the cottage. In addition, increasingly connect the bathroom and bedroom – they are placed next to, and between the rooms was put a separate door in the bathroom reigns to another spatial climate.
The wide solutions in place of tightness

Large bathroom décor does not have to jostle with each other to the last corner it was still possible to cram the washing machine. Here, all delivered in a big way. Toilet, if it is not placed in a separate room, often disappearing in a special niche. But the bath focuses on designers such as Philip Starck (Philip Starck) or Milanese Antonio Citterio (Antonio Citterio), created for the company Hansgrohe thumbnails baths brand Axor, offer to give the tub a wide area and position it so that the swimmers could look out the window at the green trees or the night sky.

Another trend is back to the 18th century when ladies of high society were invited guests and talked with them while taking a bath. New projects include the bathrooms are set around bath brick benches, armchairs, chairs, footstools, couches or sofas for guests.
Now more comfortable and personable

Bathroom shows itself in a new way – a cozy and at the same time personable. Because in the modern bathrooms, designer decorated from floor to ceiling, scattered carelessly glossy magazines and refined accessories. And all everyday objects, usually living in the bathroom, bottles of shampoo, lotions, Hairdryer, cleaning products… obscured and withdrawn from sight.

Even now bath is a place for two. Bathing together is definitely a fashion. Since architects and manufacturing company of plumbers discovered that the bathroom can be not only a functional space, they began to thoroughly examine the needs of their clients and to awaken them.
Instead of tile in the mosaic fashion

As for the kitchen, to the bathrooms of today, there are many extravagant designs. The pots in the form of horse troughs, tubs in the shape of a tub, natural stone or wood flooring. The wall has long been not covered with tiles from top to bottom. More often today working with mosaic: popular primarily warm colors: from red-orange to yellow – they are perfect for the bathroom, turned into an oasis.

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