Simple Bathroom Corner Cabinet for Narrow Bathroom Design

People who want to place bathroom corner cabinet usually their bathroom is quite narrow. Corner cabinets are suitable for any narrow room such as bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Usually, this furniture is being used inside the apartment. Most of apartment has small room, so place corner cabinet is good. The material for make cabinet is also important. They can choose teak tree, oak tree, or maple tree as the main material. But in this modern era, they can buy corner cabinet from plastic or steel. But steel cabinet is quite expensive. Plastic is quite good, but this material is easy to get damaged and not heat resistance. First material for bathroom corner cabinet is mahogany wood.

Bathroom Corner Cabinet in Different Material

Mahogany tree is an all-around material that has good resistance and affordable price. Even though it is not a very strong wood is provide a good durability and quite resistant to some impact which is important as a furniture material. Beside Mahogany Woods, there are also oak woods as the material. These woods maybe expensive, but these woods are strong and durable. However, the weakness of oak wood is it does not have good heat resistance. Therefore, this wood is not suitable for being use in hot weather area.

Next material is maple woods. This wood is the cheapest material and people can get this wood easily. Usually, in any bathroom, people have place hanging shelve to create more space inside their bathroom, but hanging shelve also can make the whole room looks narrow. So, they replace it with corner cabinet. The best material for corner cabinet is from oak tree. Oak tree is strong and have the most resistance. So, that’s why, people who live in the village choose oak tree as the main material for their bathroom corner cabinet.

14 Photos of the Simple Bathroom Corner Cabinet for Narrow Bathroom Design