Screens for baths

Screens for bathrooms both functional and decorative. They mask the internal space under the bath with all the technical communications and blend in with the surrounding furniture and walls.

Here is the repair in the bathroom ended, you think. Now go wash your hands, and there… a brand New plunge pool in which to lie and dream for hours, the heatsink shines and sparkles, like another light bulb, faucet most modern and convenient…

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The banal washing hands suddenly begins to deliver enjoyment. But everytime in the middle of all this glamour look stumbles and wanders, puzzled: something is wrong. And suddenly you realize that it annoys you. Yes, all these pipes, all the “guts” under the bath, so wild and absurd in the updated room, destroying the orderly harmony of its planes. Fortunately, there is a simple way to solve this problem is to install under the bath screen. A simple and convenient device.


The design of this simple device is really very simple. Typically, the screen consists of a frame (a frame or two guides) and fastened to it (one or more). Panels are usually moving and either slip on the rails (which is very reminiscent of the doors of the wardrobe), or swing open, providing access to the space under the bath. Retractable legs allow you to adjust the screen height and set it under the bath breaking. The most popular models found in the range of any manufacturer, have a length of 1.5 and 1.7 m, they are designed for decorating the facade of the baths. But there are screens for the ends, and for semicircular fonts.

Is more perfect and comfortable screens-wardrobes. Over the doors there are shelves to store your necessary things – detergents, gloves, brushes, etc.

Screens can be made of different materials (plastics, MDF, chipboard, metal). Meet and improvised constructions, for example of Plexiglas. It is important that the material is meeting a few basic requirements: it needs a long time to serve and not to deform, easy to clean, to be resistant to household chemicals, and moisture, including direct ingress of water to the surface.

Alternative to the installation of the screen – the construction of the wall “for centuries”, for example of brick, lined with tiles or mosaics. However, if the leakage or bursting of pipes, this wall will have to break because of a serious accident, even well-located hatches for audit will not help. So mobile and savvy for a few minutes, the screens have their advantages. And the more complex bath, the more equipment is under it (pumps, filters, etc.), the more justified the use of screens.


The ready to install screen, you can spend just a few minutes. Need to get it out of the packaging to attach to the handle panels and to the bottom of the frame – support feet. Then the screen should be installed vertically under the bath rim and unscrewing the support leg, firmly to fix it. If the installation prevent skirting or water pipes, the excess part of the panel finally.

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