School renovation: bathroom

Repair of old bathroom so often begins with the removal of old yellowed tiles, cracked sink, ceiling of asbestos. All efforts to free the space for something new and sparkling are the result is the bathroom a place of relaxation, deserves the effort.

The easiest way to make the walls beautiful and durable, to make them tiled. The tile lay for a long time, the wall underneath needs to be smooth, and tile adhesive good to keep. If the wall is not ideal, it can be plaster or drywall mount, having almost smooth surface. Drywall is better to choose with waterproof impregnation, and the joints of sheets to process waterproofing compound or sealant.

Mount the drywall on a metal frame with ordinary screws. On a flat wall drywall can be glued with tile adhesive. Such false walls can be laid electrical wiring and water pipes. After that, the drywall is glued tile.

Cheaper materials compared to the tiles are plastic wall panels. They are attached directly to the frame or the wall, without any substrate. The disadvantage of this option is less than the original appearance of the walls (tile gives more imagination in the choice of shapes, drawing and colouring).

The most affordable method to repair the ceiling and align whitewash high-quality latex paint. This repair requires no special skills and durable, but the result will look more modest. Tension and suspension structures is strong and not afraid of the water, also in suspended ceiling can be installed lighting. For the installation of suspended ceilings in the bathroom, use a metal construction, plastic may be deformed and turn yellow from changes in temperature and humidity.

The most reasonable kind of flooring for the bathroom – floor ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles. The tiles should be slip-resistant (matte and rough) and durable. When choosing tiles, compare the length and width of the tiles from several boxes. Considered to be permissible differences of 0.5-1 mm, otherwise the stitches will be uneven. To tile a well-kept, and here it is necessary to properly prepare the ground and choose a gluing mixture. To walk on a new floor only a day or two.

Do not put in the bathroom ergalieva doors and trim, they will inevitably warp over time. The best option is natural wood veneer.

Pay special attention to the choice of taps and mixers, its accuracy depends on the usability, reliability and water savings. The most reliable ground faucets (lifetime up to ten years). Device divider in them and allows you to save water by filling the jet of air bubbles is more pressure with less actual volume. Buying more cheap faucets traditional twin valve with separate control of hot and cold water, remember that they should be with ceramic discs, otherwise this will require frequent change of pads.

If possible, find out the pressure in your communications, hot and cold water, if it is higher than five bar need to install the pressure regulators. Flexible reinforced hose is not recommended to hide in the wall or under the tiles, they need replacing more often than the tube.

Old water heated towel rail can be painted, but it is better to replace modern, more efficient electric. Choosing a heated towel rail, prefer stainless steel products, brass can oxidize.

Special attention should be paid to the choice of a bath. From traditional cast iron tubs are the most popular of the French, they are distinguished by high quality enamel coating and the friction of the day, protecting from drops. Compared to domestic imported baths have thinner walls and less weight, which facilitates installation, but the water in such bath is cooled faster.

Steel bath light, covered with smooth enamel, warmed up quickly but also cools faster. The disadvantages include the sound of the stream falling to the bottom of the crane. Acrylic baths attract a huge variety of shapes and sizes: round, square, oval, angular. Baths are equipped with hydro-massage, transparent inserts, decorative lighting. Acrylic bathtubs are lightweight, they are installed on a metal frame with supports. The surface of the bath requires care for repairing scratches and slopes on the plastic used polishes. For the price of the cheapest steel bath, followed by iron and plastic.

To fit in the space 1.7h1.7 furniture and equipment, it is necessary to carefully plan the space. It might be better to move the tub to another wall or change a rectangular model for a corner, and even on the shower, replace the sink and change bath to shower, demolish partition wall between bathroom and toilet, move the toilet in the corner, to install the tank in a box with communications. Even given the fact that the redevelopment will require approvals, it will help to free up space for washing machine and water heater.

Think about how to increase the volume of a small room a bathroom, at least visually. As you know, light walls and white or mirror ceiling visually expand the space, dark and reduce. To increase the height of the ceiling will help, and the use of dark tiles to finish the bottom of the wall. And to go from dark color to light, you can use a decorative border made in the same colors.

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