Sauna and bath in a country house — preparing for the summer season

Early spring is the best time to go to the cottage to clean up the sauna or steam bath after the long winter. We will discuss the required actions for the preparation of the premises, cleaning furnace, water system and also about some of the subtleties of preparation for bathing season.

In the winter, country homes often remain uninhabited, idle is idle and bath. Therefore in the spring it is best to spend in the sauna, General cleaning, minor repairs and prepare it for the next bathing season because, as you know, winter brings a lot of disadvantages.

Cleaning and disinfection

Once lit the stove and turn on the heating. Do not rush to start cleaning, you need to give room to warm up for 4-5 hours. Inspect Windows and doors: if there are any over the winter mould in places of an adjunction to walls. In General, the cleaning of rest rooms and dressing room is no different from cleaning a country house after the winter. But the shower and the steam room will have to pay special attention.

The walls, floor and ceiling of the shower first apply chlorine-based disinfectant, leave it for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with water. After that you need to wash all surfaces conventional detergents, carefully brush the seams and joints of the coating.

Steam need to clean all the utensils: pails, brooms, hanging herbs. Well mimetite debris, especially under shelves and beds. Remember that even one leaf left can cause rotting and odor. Shelves, chairs and wooden walls finish with white, then bathe them with plenty of water. Sunbeds should be cleaned with sandpaper, then all surfaces in the steam room to wash brush and a strong solution of soap.

If the steam room had an unpleasant smell, melt furnace, plug the drain hole and pour water on the floor. Steaming, it will take away odors, but do not forget from time to time ventilate the area.

To combat mold on the walls

Mold and mildew — the scourge of any room to spend the winter without heating and proper ventilation. In the baths and saunas, where the walls are usually sheathe wood paneling, this problem is particularly acute.

The fight against mold starts with addressing the causes of its occurrence: make ventilation, ventilate and dry the room. Depending on the degree of spread, to dry the walls will go from weeks to several months.

Sauna and bath in a country house — preparing for the summer season

After the room is dried, the damaged layer of wood need to be removed with a grinding machine. Wood is then treated with an antiseptic and bleached. The best effect in removing mold demonstrate tools such as “Sarus” and Teknos Rensa.

Sauna and bath in a country house — preparing for the summer season

After getting rid of mold boards need to be covered with a special varnish for a bath for water-based contents of the special wax.
Minor repairs and maintenance

Winter does not spare patterned finishes, wooden battens so much bursting waves appear, some runs can completely fall off. Remove the led elements of the coverage and smoothen the edges to the inside of the seam gap was at least 1-1. 5 mm, only then install the strips.

Sauna and bath in a country house — preparing for the summer season

Doors and frames are made of wood, usually crack and do not close, they need to be removed from its hinges and plane to remove excess wood. At the same time make a revision and lubricate locks latches, metal parts in them corrode quickly. Windows is also pay attention to: adjust the plastic fittings on a wooden test mount the bead.

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