Psychology of decorating the nursery

Of course, best knows the child. However, it is unlikely to be able to convincingly present to you the interior concept of his “office” – thinking little man is full of vivid images and associations are not burdened with established logical correspondences.

The child’s psyche, his self-esteem depends not only on the family environment and upbringing. His attitude is largely determined by the space in which it falls in the first week of life.

Experts insist that the nursery is not just a room in the house, created by parents for their children. It is a space in which a huge world of adults is refracted and resized to fit, clear and convenient for the child. It is symbolically expressed in toys, sets, games, books, shapes of furniture, the overall color scheme of the room.

Psychologists are sure that when you buy any item for a child’s room is not enough to be guided only by reasonable arguments and rationalism. The main criterion here is “animacy” of the subject, its conformity to the expectations of the child. For their part, the architects in accordance with the views of psychologists offer their own recommendations.

According to architect Gregory marova, when planning the interior of kid’s room (0 to 3 years), do not get involved in architectural delights. Multi-level ceilings, moldings, arched openings, stairs and catwalks, rather, will comfort the parent ego, the child will not help anything.

Focus on what the main principle of a child’s room – versatility and variability. Furnishings must awaken the imagination, to create opportunities for different activities and games. In order for children possessed all these qualities, designers used the method of zoning (separation of the room into functional areas). As a rule, this room is divided into training, game parts, as well as a relaxation area. A great solution to recreational areas can be a bunk bed. This will free up additional space that can accommodate a Desk or play area. In addition, the nursery is desirable to install a small sports complex, as well as physical development – the key to the health of the child.

Children’s room is usually isolated. If living conditions do not allow parents to give the child personal square meters, it is necessary to create a likeness of the child, in any way encircling the corner.

Architect Svetlana Snegiryov asserts that any items around the child is an inexhaustible source of imagination and discovery that helps to understand the big world. Therefore, kids room should be a different improvement from the “adults”. In small age, the child should have the opportunity to build something, to invent, to dream, to break, and then build again. In older age, this room becomes a place of solitude and personal freedom.

Often the child gets tired of their toys. It is quite common, so you should foresee a convenient place to store cars, dolls, blocks, etc. to the Child to put their toys, for example, in the drawers and take them out as needed. It’s also a game that develops a very useful trait – the tendency to order. The principle of “everything has its place” is very well absorbed at an early age. Later, in adult life, this trait can be invaluable.

The furniture in the baby’s room allows you to emphasize the individuality. And to realize their individuality modern children begin very early. Today, many furniture manufacturers produce special children’s series. These products can be found in catalogs of firms and furniture stores.

Excellent field for unlimited imagination of the designer can serve and the space ceiling. This may take the form of a starry sky with the moon-a lamp, and may be dotted with air Cumulus clouds. It can fly kites or birds. Your chosen overall interior color scheme plays an important role in the design of the room. The best option – soft colors (light blue, pale pink, ivory). Soothing colors suitable for decorating walls, ceiling, when choosing curtains and baby textiles.

Interior decorating children’s best to use natural and organic materials. The ideal floor for a child – made of wood. This could be parquet, or parquet flooring. In any case, the flooring must not contain toxic substances and can create difficulties at harvest. The space child’s room should be very bright. But it is important not to overdo it. Curtains – the tried and tested way to shade the room if necessary. They save you from excessive sunlight and illumination of the night city.

An important factor that should guide the design of children’s room safety. Let him in the room there will be no sharp objects, glass. Windows should lock to lock, which the child himself will not be able to open. All the plugs should be glued with special plastic caps, all the wires should be at the height to which a small child can’t reach.

On the other hand, toys and other baby items should be placed in such a way that he could get anyone interested in his subject, be it a favorite toy, shoes or book. Let the kid feel the owner of your room.

In General, children room, perhaps the most difficult, but at the same time the most interesting from the point of view of design. Because the interior of the nursery puts an indelible imprint on all subsequent human life has an impact on the formation of character and personality development.

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