Pros of frosted glass interior door

In the last decade in the guise of modern interior doors were truly revolutionary changes. In their decoration of today are new and not specific to the door materials such as stone, leather, Swarovski crystals etc. But the most remarkable transformation occurred in the glazing of interior doors. There was a significant reassessment of the role of this material in constructions and its influence on the style of the room.

Frosted glass interior door can today not only radically change her appearance, but to be a décor element, dominant in the Interior. So transparent or translucent glass can visually expand the space and do it in a way that, even in a small room behind a closed door, there will be a sense of isolation and exclusion. Very special feeling arise outside frosted glass interior door, glazing of stained glass, glass of different colors typed, with varying degrees of refraction. The ever-changing stream of light will give any interior painted a special and emotional expressiveness. You can buy such wholesale interior doors. It is now widely used two techniques to create frosted glass interior door surface and matte glass with sketches.

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The most widely used “sandblast” processing of glass, the essence of which is that the surface of the glass is processed by small particles of abrasive material. Special installation of flying at high speed they “beat out” not closed out the stencil, the surface of the glass particles, giving those areas a certain roughness. Equipment for this method is quite simple and inexpensive, so it is used for individual orders, even very small companies to produce doors. This technology allows not only the figures on the surface of the glass, but large high relief (antonym word bas-relief).

The other way of creating Interior solid wood doors confirm etching is special and pretty strong acids.

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20 Photos of the Pros of frosted glass interior door

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