Pre-hung exterior door – much easier in installation!

Before installing the door was the following. Door frame installed by means of a square and Plumb. The focus of the door, plate, located inside the box and which turn the door after its closing. Cut the nest under the door hinges. Then hang on the door (i.e. Exterior fiberglass doors: nuances of choosing) and finally, install cover plates, decorative frame boxes that hides the box design and the jagged edges of a plastered wall or dry plaster around the doorway.

Pre-hung exterior door in a wooden box is a very attractive solution. After all the door frame can be made of precious wood (oak or ash), as well as pine, alder and others. In addition, you can order the product in aluminum box, to your taste. In any case, the box door is always strong and reliable.

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When installing the pre-hung exterior door assembly factory manufacturing much of the above work is avoided. The pre-hung exterior door is completed with the finished frame and ready for installation emphasizing the door hinges and locking strap. Door plat bands also already cut off at an angle 45°.

Pre-hung exterior door installation should be carried out after drying of the plastered walls or after a dry plaster, but before laying the floor covering and installation of plinths. Before you begin, you need to decide in which direction to open the door and install the doorframe. It should be recalled that the better, if the door opens toward the exit of the apartment or House and as such is considered and a balcony or a loggia.

To install door frame first need to gather the top and side trim, then install the box into the doorway. To do this, put the three parts of the door frame to the floor. Install the door and on the top and right side of the harness and connect them together using a 75 mm nails of round section.

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20 Photos of the Pre-hung exterior door – much easier in installation!

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