Paintable Wallpaper – features, brands

Types of Wallpaper for painting
These Wallpapers are usually a thick white (rarely pale pastel) base with deep embossing. Relief often mimics various natural textures such as wood fiber or rough surface of the fabric.

The Foundation is made of a material that fits well the paint:
• paper with embossing.
• paper, coated glass fiber strands;
• nonwoven fabric with a vinyl layer and embossed.
The paper version of the good impeccable environmental friendliness, air permeability and relatively affordable price. Interlining is also environmentally friendly but more durable (and therefore more expensive). This canvas is easy to attach – no tears, no bubbles, does not form a convex seams at the joints.
On the production of nonwoven fabric and its properties are elaborated upon here.
The great value has the type of terrain. The protruding pattern of the vinyl has one drawback – it can be accidentally damaged, for example, to knock over moving furniture.

The glass fibrous strands are more reliable. They are made of dolomite, quartz sand, lime. Their typical pattern – diamonds, basket-weave, herringbone. In addition to all the advantages of fiberglass fire resistant and suitable for re-painting, up to twelve times.
The most well-known brands of Wallpaper for painting – Erfurt, Rasch (Germany); Wellton (Sweden).
Related materials
Strict requirements to the glue most often not. Depending on the type of Wallpaper uses paste or glue non-woven backing for application on the wall (the material itself is not usually miss).
The Wallpaper is covered with acrylic, latex or latex paints. Optionally, add color. It is desirable to give preference to paints which have an improved water repellency and allow you to wipe the walls with a wet rag with General cleaning.

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