Obvious advantages of the rooftop garden

Complex structure of the natural green rooftop garden was popular for many centuries, making it available only for the wealthy. However, over time the situation has changed, and “living” roof has won many supporters around the world. Today, with proper installation of all system components, you can create on the roof of your house not only the garden but also the entire area with fountains, gazebos, some Open kitchen design: worse or not? and other elements of landscape design.

With the development of ecological thinking the idea of ​rooftop garden have become successfully implemented in developed countries, and in some cases it is even prescribed urban planning requirements: those who have taken from the urban community land obliged to return it to the surface of the structure. In the cities of Europe and the United States has transformed a lot of landscaping dull gray roofs. The country also has examples of the exploited and partly of green roofs, as well as the reconstructed residential buildings. But to say about the mass of rooftop garden is unfortunately early.

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The extent and methods of planting roof may vary. In accordance with these techniques in practice green roofs are two directions: extensive and intensive. The first uses only horizontal elements: grassy lawn, ground cover plants that do not require special care, as well as pebbles, gravel, bark and paving. Intensive gardening assumes roof vertical elements: trees and shrubs, ponds, playgrounds and pergolas.

Enthusiast, who decided to build a green roof, receives a number of advantages over traditional solutions supporters. The rooftop garden – this is an excellent insulation in winter it protects from the cold, and in summer – from overheating, it has a positive effect on the microclimate under the roof and on the site. Therefore, the “green” roofs are useful in the northern and southern regions.

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