My first little house (child’s room)

The interior of the nursery did you Know for example that a child’s room wall Maria Sklodowska-Curie was covered with lectures on physics? Making its first steps, she began to study the inscriptions on the walls, and, going to school became the first in physics, because all the formulas that the teacher wrote on the Board was familiar to her from childhood. So maybe a random act of parents helped develop one of the greatest minds of physics.

So tip number 1: consider pre-children’s room design. Thus it is necessary to consider several points.

The child is from 4 years to a private space. However, it is not necessary to create it, altering the pantry or closet. If you do not have to allocate a separate room, arrange a children’s area in General. What matters is that your baby was comfortable. To create a corner you can use the screen, or an ordinary bookcase ?build? plasterboard wall. While it is not necessary that the wall reaches the ceiling – leave space for air circulation.

A major role in the design of children’s plays and a selection of Wallpaper. It is not necessary to experiment with bright colors – for a small child a simple walk down the street can be quite a sufficient source of new experiences, so that in his corner he needed rest. Stop the choice of pastel colors on the palette, and to freshen the room sketch bright pillows, sew a variety of colored cozies.

The interior of the room for the baby But for beauty not forget about quality. Try to use environmentally friendly materials, such as waterborne interior paint or Wallpaper (if purchasing be sure to consult with a specialist). If your toddler is so eager to add to the pattern of the Wallpaper detail ?myself?, not worth it in this way – glue a part of the wall paper or buy a special Board, hand out pencils and let him do. The main thing is to explain to the younger Picasso, for his creative expression is only this part of the wall and, of course, time to update ?cloth?.

Don’t forget that most of the time your offspring spends on the floor, so you should take care of that for him there was comfortable and warm. The choice of carpet is now huge: from the banal to the Palace mats. Here you can follow your own taste and, of course, environmental purity. One of the most important criteria when choosing a carpet will be it hypoallergenic.

Don’t forget that your child’s room is still his room. Do not try to force her exclusive expensive things, then to walk for the child on heels, explaining that the doll hands can not touch it because dad bought it at auction for that kind of money that would suffice for a small toy factory. And bear this in General, is rumored to have been the family of the Romanov family toy, so you bucket and go digging in the sandpit.

So tip number 2: child’s room must first meet the needs of your child. Although the choice of situation will largely depend on the condition of the purse, here too it is necessary to know some General rules.

Children’s room should be neravnovesnye. Buying furniture in the nursery, check the hardware: if there is somewhere protruding bolts, a good hold on the handle. Pay attention to the quality of the finish. And certainly do not give the child’s parent room the old sofa, which throw a pity, as visitors put to shame. Let’s buy children’s furniture!

Choose functional furniture. If at first your baby will have enough beds, wardrobe, drawer or shelves for toys, with it growing up will have to grow and the amount of furniture. Added cabinets for books, desks, etc. So a good solution for a child’s room will be the furniture – transformer.

Do not forget that the child is a child and his element is the game. Therefore, you should accustom yourself to some chaos in the house. But still try to minimize it. Put some drawers for toys, dolls, and a garage for cars. Even if the cleaning turn into a game!

Important to remember that it depends on you, how to grow child: closed or open, optimist or pessimist, a leader or a perpetual slave. All this is laid at home, often in the game is in the room that you so lovingly created and care.

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