Modern Bedroom Design Apartment

People who live in apartment usually won’t buy a house because build a house need long time. If they live in the big city such as San Francisco, New York, or Detroit they can just buy one apartment and stay at the apartment without waiting anymore. To buy apartment is simple, people just pay some money to apartment owner, choose the best room, and they can complete room such as bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, and living room. For bedroom, people usually choose the largest room from other room. Here some example about modern bedroom design apartment for large sized bedroom. First step to create modern bedroom design apartment is by choose the theme color.

How to Make Modern Bedroom Design Apartment

If people want to choose color for their bedroom, they should choose medium bright color such as young green, dark yellow, or gray. Those three colors are the best examples of bedroom color. If people choose the bright color, they will not comfortable if they want to take a rest. If they choose the dark color, their room will be gloomy and dark color is not good for any room. If people want to have comfortable and natural color, they can choose dark green for their color theme. Green is the best color for any room.

Second step to create modern bedroom design apartment is to replace any large furniture. Large furniture can make the bedroom looks narrow, so they should choose small furniture. For example, if they place a cupboard, they can replace it with hanging shelves. Beside this furniture has the same function with the cupboard, hanging shelves also can make the bedroom more spacious. Third step is choosing the best position of furniture. Furniture position also influence of the room. They cannot place bed near the window or place the hanging shelves in the edge of the room.

13 Photos of the Modern Bedroom Design Apartment

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