Make a special atmosphere with black glass dining table

Black glass dinning table for the kitchen in recent years is seemed very often – too popular and widespread was this piece of furniture made of glass. Today, you can hear a lot of not very good reviews about the glass dining table. Say, and banal, and not always to the point. There was even a stereotype that glass table – it is purely “hay tech” option.

Yes, the glass is widely used in ultra-modern interior in the style of high technology. But we should not forget that the glass – a material absolutely universal. Therefore, in the case of a table is not crucial worktop itself and chairs, i.e. material from which they are made.

Original black glass dining table

Chrome, aluminum legs – this option is just for the kitchen in high-tech style. Complement modern desk chairs – plastic or chrome frame.

Massive or elegant wooden legs allow glass table perfectly fit into the kitchen in a classic style. Look for such in What does it mean, French kitchen design?. Wooden frame countertops more “ennoble” glass table. Dining group in this case may include classic wooden chairs with or without padding.

Black glass dining table can become a harmonious part of the kitchen interior in ethnic or even country style. In the first case fit with braided glass table or a rough wooden similar chairs.

Very original black glass dining table

Thus, a black glass dining table for the kitchen – very versatile: it is suitable for most interior styles, because glass top does not dictate, but only performs its function, remaining almost invisible. However, it was higher on a clear, colorless glass. Colored glass top, of course, will attract much more attention. By the way, the color glass top can also emphasize style. So, black glass table for the kitchen will create a glamorous or “gothic” interior with a sort of “vamp-gloss.”

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