Make a colorful kitchen!

Kitchen – one of the most conservative areas in the house. Even when the owners decided on the original design living rooms, a kitchen is often behind the scenes – it somehow scared to experiment. We offer our selection of inspiration and correct the misunderstanding.

  1. Discard the color stereotypes. Who said, that the kitchen should be decorated in shades of wood or actual colors of the season? If you want to create a colorful kitchen, experiment with colors and what they are unaccustomed to kitchen interior, the better. Pistachio green, lemon yellow, peach or red – these colors is easy to combine with others: for each additional color exist in a similar range and suitable tone wood.
  2. Add the shine of metal. Metal surfaces are not necessarily attributing style loft. Chrome fridge, shiny satin hood or copper sink will fit well with almost any decor. The only caveat is the temperature of colors. Cold metallic luster should complement a colorful kitchen decor and warm colors.
  3. Select an unusual shell. It would seem that what could be easier than buying a sink? Today, however, the question is not so easy to answer. Copper, concrete, square, oval, with fancy mixers – try to select from this variety something really special to avoid Brown kitchen theme, because interact with sink every woman often has.
  4. Do not be afraid of plastic. Plastic furniture is not only relevant in any room of the house including a colorful kitchen, but also extremely functional.
  5. Do not hide beautiful dishes. For many years we hesitated to expose the beautiful dishes for everyone to see because of the annoying Soviet tradition to keep the crystal in the sideboard. It is time to abandon these allusions.
  6. Spread the carpet. Carpet – a rarity in the modern kitchen, and it will play in your favor: accessory will help you easily and quickly diversify the interior.
  7. Buy a beautiful chandelier. Sometimes the interior of the kitchen can be changed in minutes by simply picking up the chandelier expressive. Small kitchen enough of a central light source, but a large space should decorate several different lights.

Colorful Kitchen red floor

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