Laying ceramic tiles on floor and walls

In this article you will find recommendations for laying ceramic tiles on walls and floors. We will also talk about how to cut tile without a tile and to correctly partition the room before facing. The text includes photos of the work.”

The use of ceramic tiles is very popular — this proven material remains a favorite way to finish for every taste.

Wall cladding ceramic tiles

Before you can lay tiles on the adhesive, you need to create a temporary support for the launch of a number of rail or profile, fixed to the wall. The tiles are placed from the second row, because only so it is possible just to sustain the horizon. It is better to use a laser level.

The starting number of tiles laid out from the most visible angle. The elements of this row must be laid as straight as possible to serve as a beacon for subsequent rows.In order to quickly drill a neat hole in the tile, you will need diamond drill bits. Install in advance the diameter of all the crowns and buy the ones that need not to overpay when purchasing a set. The tile should be drilled at low speed — it is the best fit hand mixer, what’s the drill (it is too sensitive button). Properly spaced and clearly cut opening provides a secure fit elektrotochki (outlet, switch). Veer geometry — a fairly common design the course, and for its realization it is necessary to change the point of the lighthouse. The starting point for all planes is the ceiling. Interface it with the walls is well visible, so better to start with a whole tile. To do this, carefully measure the height and install bottom horizon taking into account the thickness of the seams.The landmark is the top of the masonry can be obtained via the decorative plinth, or the level of the ceiling plane. Be sure to use the stands (in the photo — strip of gypsum Board), otherwise the tile may not hold and “run”. Then, in the same way denoting the horizon and observing the pattern for the project be lined the remaining walls of the bathroom. Plaster surfaces should first be primed:before laying the tiles, apply a thin layer of glue.When facing the door opening, be careful not to shift the rows to come out the factory edge flush with the vertical edges of the opening. This site will be closed cashing and beauty no one will appreciate. Besides losing the series. The tiles should be viewable around the perimeter of the walls in one level.

Install additional beacon.

“Go around” the doorway, observing the coincidence of seams. A tile must be laid in the corner and cropped to fit to the doorway.The final look of the lined opening:

Floor lining

Any floor material is crucial basis. The reliability and precision of the plane — the key to successful paving. When tiling your bathroom you must follow a few simple rules.

1. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned from dust and primed.
2. Start the laying from the most visible angle. The party, which will be used for pruning should be under the bathroom.3. Be sure to check the walls for gaps and bias with a long rule.4. Apply glue not only on tiles but also to contact the surface of the screed — this will improve grip.A final view of tiled floor:

How to cut tile

To cut tile without special tools (tile) and without noise and dust. To do this, just drill ceramic, sandwiched in the cartridge. Press the guide (gon) to the tile and repeatedly prozharivaem drill glaze and 1-2 mm ceramic.
The result is a groove.If this is the edge of the tile and need to trim a thin strip, it can simply be bitten by ticks along the groove.If the tiles need to be cut in the middle, put it on a rod and breaks along the groove.In both cases, the edges have to smoothed out with a diamond file.Even with no experience you can make a quality repair if to show diligence, accuracy and care, especially in the details. Remember that the service life of ceramics are almost unlimited, therefore it is not necessary saving time and materials, breaking technology.

19 Photos of the Laying ceramic tiles on floor and walls