Interior decoration bath

Decorating the bathroom today is even more important than the design of the kitchen area. In contemporary design concepts bathroom has ceased to be solely functional area and has become one of the main components of the fashionable interior.

For too long we have underestimated the role of the bathroom in our own lives. Meanwhile, from the look of your bathroom, by and large, depends on the mood of each new day. In the bathroom we are not just committed to mandatory hygienic procedures – that’s where we begin and end your day. And even so, what would be her situation is of great importance: it can energize or prepare to sleep, adjust to the desired mood, create the necessary mood.

Under the changed attitude towards the bathroom remained unchanged the main components forming its space. Yes, of course, important selection of plumbing, but it is a key element in determining the style of the bathroom, was and remains a ceramic tile. Without it anywhere.

The art of imitation

Interior designers don’t seem to laurels fashion: they increasingly use in their various projects in textiles and never tire of liken him a variety of materials. That ceramic tile has now become a model of the new art – and before the matter appeared in the collection where the tiles imitated natural stone, wood or metal, but today designers have reached a new level. New trend of recent exhibitions of ceramics, such as the annual review “Cersae”, – ceramic tile, cleverly disguised as luxurious silk Wallpaper or weightless French lace.

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The visual effect is stunning – to recognize the “snag” is possible only with extremely close range, and sometimes even only touching the tile. Special successes has reached such factories, as “Provenza” and “Valentina”. They are still fairly new for the Russian market, but, undoubtedly, due to such a non-standard approach, their products will be popular in the near future.

Skilled at imitating the skin of various kinds of offers already known to us the company is “REX”. And if other simulation – metal, wood or stone – have become a familiar and largely lost its relevance, “ceramic leather” is an obvious hit of the new season.

To argue with imitations of another trend – a historic replica. It is not just a new vintage – skillful, but still a fake, is a reference to the past, to the classics and traditions, to the warmth of the family estate amidst the bustling metropolis if you want.

Here you can see not only the desire of designers to create an external effect, giving the furnished with style. here there is a desire to make truly accurate in historical terms thing. Thus, the Italian factory “Bianchini Capponi creates furniture for bathrooms of the old Florentine wood, and the French company “Herbeau” engaged in hand-painted porcelain plumbing.

The result exhibits worthy of a Museum or at least a respectable home. In addition to such a setting, the designers offer the already known trend that has been popular for several seasons, antique terracotta hues with a whimsical, if left in the hot Italian sun, the pattern of cracks and scuffs.

Environmental rhetoric

Fortunately modern design fashion is far from monotony, it’s varied, contradictory, and every fashion trend is bound to have a counterbalance: so, nostalgia, historic replicas and subtlety of imitations side by side with the bionic direction. Perhaps there is nothing new here – again only recognizable 60-70-ies. This trend will certainly find its fans among former school standouts and the new intellectuals. After all, going to feature in this bathroom style, we want to think about the meaning of life, and the impermanence and eternity of all things…

This trend is important not so much ergonomic shapes, and colours shocking how many so relevant today environmental rhetoric. It seems that the inspiration designers are able to give even a textbook on biology or any natural science encyclopedia. For example, the Italian factory “OASIS” as the pattern designer has chosen a graph of oxygen molecules.

The subject of the play life cycle, endless change and transformation continues new collection “Link-O”, which is based on two sinks from new high-tech material ekoteka (ekotek). This material due to its properties, unusual texture and trendy appearance promises to be a new word in the field of design of bathrooms of the XXI century.

Art is a delicacy

A range of new trends closes one more bright direction. The theme of art – both classical and avant-garde – always willingly used by designers when creating new collections of ceramic tiles. Masters from year to year then reproduce on ceramics paintings by famous artists, the elements of photographs, pencil sketches or children’s drawings. Today, the art direction has reached a new level – both in terms of selection of objects for reproduction, and in terms of implementation design ideas.

Fashion trend art multiplies the number of its fans thanks to such factories as the famous “CeramicaBardelli”, whose collections are always a delicacy for connoisseurs. So is the new collection “bodypark” (design Nigel Coates). It presents an original vision of the human body.

Through computer scanning is achieved by a unique graphic image: lines accurately reproduce the plasticity of the body in motion, difficult technique makes the image realistic and abstract at the same time. Placed in the interior, these images as though enter with each other into an endless dialogue. To create the required context color factory offers a range of olive, chocolate or anthracite colours. Self-sufficiency and brightness of this collection, most likely, the fans of the minimalist interior.

New classics of any genre

A variety of new trends in ceramic tile design is pleasantly surprising and leaves room for creativity and choice is the only correct direction. Today’s fashion and good for its cosmopolitan character. However, looking closer, it is still possible to detect some common features that are characteristic of the whole interior design in General.

Anyway, with all the variety of themes, shapes and colors, whether ceramic tile or model of the wardrobe – now world of object design is ruled by the art Deco style. Implicitly and subtly, but skillfully and aggressively. Not to him whether to send the same simulation and painting, imitation of luxury leathers and wood expensive breeds, painting with a variety of flora and fauna objects? Today’s art Deco other – it is based on the nuances and disseminations, never revealing themselves fully.

But his presence becomes less obvious. His motives are designers skillfully seasoned with virtually any interior – from high-tech to country. It is used in luxury hotels and in the spaces of the galleries, and in private living rooms and bathrooms… That and imitation, bionics and art are examples of the embodiment of the art Deco style in its new interpretation.

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