How to stick fiberglass on the ceiling with his hands

This article contains guidance on installation of the intermediate finishing layer of glass fiber. We will explain what is the advantage of this material and how best to apply. Also in the article you’ll find step-by-step photo stickers of fiberglass on the ceiling of plasterboard with professional review.

Fiberglass is a great alternative to putty under certain conditions. In modern construction is widely used drywall, which serves only as a base for further finishing. In the future it shpatlyuyut either wet plaster or hang a piece of material — ceramic tiles, soft wall panels and other materials.
Why Wallpaper is better to choose fiberglass

Putty in half of the cases an intermediate layer between the substrate (GCR) and finishing (Wallpaper). The procedure of cementing the walls and especially the ceiling is a laborious and messy process. The tools (including electric hand mixer), inventory (few buckets), water and skilled professionals. Quite heavy dusty bags make shipping as a separate line in the estimate. But even with all these disadvantages of gypsum putty alternatives yet, but only if we are not talking about subsequent covering of the surface Wallpaper.

The Wallpaper does not have to be caused by the layer of liquid mixture. There is an excellent alternative to align the plane of the drywall under the Wallpaper — fiberglass or interlining. Both materials are about the same, but work differently — fiberglass holds the plane, and the fleece is stretched in the deformation. The second option is good if there is a risk of the mobility framework.

If the basis of a stable (re-created), then nothing to worry about and you can apply the glass “spider web”. This is the optimal solution, given the significant difference in price: 1 sq. m “webs” X-Glass (Belgium) is an average of 0.5–0.8. E., but for 1 sq. m nonwoven Fliz (Germany) will have to pay 1.2 to 1.5. E.

Label the glass with your hands

Special responsibility — decoration of the ceiling of plasterboard. Usually there is a built-in lighting, which perfectly reveal the flaws in finish. Therefore ceiling coating — the most difficult stage of application of the preparatory layer, which is done 3-4 times and each time trimmed. We propose to align the plane with fiberglass is much easier and faster.

You’ll need a minimum of tools:

Tray of glue.
The roller on the long handle.
A metal spatula.
Spatula Wallpaper.
Brush, sandpaper.

Materials needed only glue (the chosen CONCLUSION for fiberglass because it does not require primer for gypsum Board) and the glass fiber (Oscar, Russia, of 0.7. is, for 1 sq.m).

Work order

1. Dilute the glue according to the instructions.

2. Apply with a roller base coat over the entire plane of bonding — it is needed to ensure that the binder layer is not absorbed into the cardboard. Waiting to dry.

How to stick fiberglass on the ceiling with his hands

3. Apply a bonding layer of glue and gently apply the pre-cut sheet to the plane.4. Gently with a Wallpaper spatula pressed on the corners.5. Then vieglajiem plane. At this stage, you need to evenly distribute the contact layer and squeeze out the excess glue.

Fiberglass must be completely saturated with glue and to be damp to the touch.

6. Subsequent sheets of canvas to lay with an overlap of 50 mm.
7. Cut the edges with a knife or spatula.
8. Final appearance of the finished plane:

After drying you can glue the Wallpaper or apply other subsequent layers of the decorative putty or paint.

Given method is not only less time consuming, it is more safe, because when putty, be sure sanding abrasives. Plaster dust is very fine and can get into the respiratory system, moreover, difficult to remove by cleaning. Fiberglass is easy to transport, store and apply, and the adhesive is water-based and washes off easily with water.

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