How to organize the kitchen under cabinet lighting.

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is here that spend a lot of time all members of the family, here is preparing food and being intimate conversations. Create a cozy atmosphere, emphasize functional areas, make it more convenient to use a cabinet and Well selected dining tables for small spaces – happiness for the whole family or to place light accents – all this can be achieved with the help of the kitchen under cabinet lighting and LED equipment.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “LED backlight cuisine” – is highlighting the work surface. But the possibilities of LED equipment and its scope is much broader. Let’s first talk about the mood of the kitchen under cabinet lighting. Decorative lighting is not functional load and is a kind of interior decoration, additional tool to create an atmosphere. In the kitchen, she organized and on top hinged at the bottom floor cabinets.

Simple kitchen under cabinet lighting

Because upper part of the wall cabinets is not subject to virtually any external influence, for its backlight can use any open LED Strip. The choice of the kitchen under cabinet lighting depends on interior design or personal preference. Note that in this case the tape and can be connected to the hood.

So now, perhaps, go back and work surface illumination. This really is one of the key moments of the light organization kitchen space, as if the room is present only basic coverage, it is often the hostess, cook, turned her back to him, thereby closing the dark work surface. Such situations of course, you can avoid putting your desktop in the center of the kitchen, but, you still do not often allow the size of the kitchen to do it. Exit is to cover the additional counters.

Highlighting the work surface arrange under cupboards.

kitchen under cabinet lighting beautiful pattern

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