How to increase bathroom space

Standard apartments are known for their small bathrooms where difficult to fit a bath so she sinks.

In addition, the bathroom is usually kept a lot of other useful and not very useful things, from cosmetics and household chemicals to the towels and linen intended to be washed. And although widening the space of a standard bathtub not easy, you can use small design tricks to visually enlarge its size.

1. Bright colors

Cool because light colors reflect light, make the space big. The effect is enhanced if the other surface doors, cabinets, floors – painted in the same color but slightly lighter or darker shade.

To the bathroom because it does not look boring and monotonous, add some bright colors in the form of accessories, towels, etc. When making a room light shades choose materials that are easy to wash and wash.

2. Vertical surface

To raise the level of the ceiling, you can use vertical stripes. Avoid large colorful paintings on the walls, which reduce the space.

3. Mirror

Nothing expands the space, like a mirror and the mirror surface. It is best to hang a large mirror or several mirrors in a narrow range over the bath or over the sink. Mirrors hung opposite each other, creating the illusion of infinite space. Very original look of the mirror placed on the entire area of the door, then it turns out like a French door.

4. Use the angles

Conserve space while hiding from the eyes of a lot of things corner sinks and cabinets. It is also convenient l-shaped rack.

5. Remove all the excess

The bathroom space is too valuable to clutter it with unnecessary things. To turning, do not push the elbow and then some shampoo, leave on hand only the most necessary, hide or remove the rest away.

· Make a few open shelves at the top of the wall, they are not eating space as closed cabinets located on the floor or at eye level. Small things add up into containers and put on a high shelf.

· Can make built-in Cabinet under the sink, it is convenient to store cleaning products and detergents, as well as brushes and sponges.

· If conditions permit, the washing machine instead of a bathroom it is better to place in the kitchen.

· The size of a small Cabinet or shelf can be placed directly over the toilet. This space is usually useless.

6. Cycle door

They can place the hooks, hangers and a towel. A miniature version of these items can be placed also on the inner surface of the Cabinet door.

7. Get a little light

The better lit bathroom, the larger it appears. Skip to main skylight add a few small lights over the sink, mirror or over the bath. Efficiently reflect the light will help as much as possible mirrors and glass surfaces.

8. Think outside the box

First of all, think about the convenience and practicality, and only then about fashion trends. Don’t be afraid to experiment. No one knows your bathroom better than you, so you’ll be able to find the most efficient interior solution for your bathroom. This will help you a variety of niches, walls, cabinets and shelves custom shapes and sizes.

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how to increase bathroom space