How to equip a small bathroom

From the appearance and convenience of this room, where are we going, waking up, sometimes depends on our mood for the whole day.

But the size of bathrooms in model homes – more than modest, and they do not have enough space for even the most necessary sanitary equipment, washing machine. A small space requires planning every detail of its design. How to make a small room the bathroom is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and modern?

Where to start?

Before you start work, draw accurate floor plan of your bathroom on graph paper, noting doors, Windows and radiators. Use it to understand what can be changed in location to free up additional space.

Reinstall the plumbing, you can win a share of the square. It is easy enough to change the wiring pipes for hot and cold water to move the bath, but, if possible, save the binding of the toilet to the sewer standpipe, as any move here is a complex and expensive process.

Modern plumbing allows you to put the sinks and toilets from different angles on one low partition. There are models of the toilet with your deep washout, which are attached directly to the wall. All this saves space and zoning bathrooms.

To free up space, you can apply and option installations removing the wall using a special mounting system the drain tank, pipes and fixing toilets. Use all the nuances of non-standard layout of the room. For example, basin, shower or washing machine you can hide in a niche of the wall.

Consider the option of hanging the door so it opens outwards, or replace doors sliding.

How to choose a bath?

Many manufacturers offer models of bathtubs that can easily fit in the corner of the bathroom. Standard bath size of 1700 mm x 700 mm, but you can find tubs, one end of which is narrowed up to 500 mm, has a semicircular or D-shaped. Let’s consider the variant when the bathroom is in the corner, diagonally, which also frees up space along the walls. Thus there is an additional surface that can be used rationally.

Replace the radiator with hot towel rail, which can be located higher up on the wall that will liberate useful space. Heating, Underfloor, fully vacates the walls.
How much space to leave, to travel?

You should leave about 700 mm in front of the bathroom, swimming pool and shower, if there is one; there are approximately 600 mm in front of the toilet; and at least 200 mm on the other sides of the bath and toilet.

What else can you do to make the room look bigger?

Suspended to wall sanitary ware will release the floor, creating the illusion of space. Now You’ll be able to get to the farthest corner of the bathroom during cleaning.

Choose light colors for the walls and transparent materials for shelves, and wall and floor large tile – fewer lines visually expands the space. The surface of the tiles and furniture is better to choose matte. Diagonally laid tiles visually increases room.

The mirror surface will reflect light and visually increase the room. Functional lighting in the mirror. Do not forget that absolutely no extra space way to decorate bathroom, tile mosaics or waterproof Wallpaper. Resort to ergonomic furniture, which bear the functional load: for example, Cabinet for small place under the sink. There you can even hide the washing machine.

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