How to choose furniture for the bathroom

More recently, we did without this wonderful piece of furniture of the bathroom with just a sink-a washbasin, and all sorts of packaging washing powders, cleaning tiles and other things hiding behind the not always beautiful plastic “screen”.

Since then much water has flowed, and now way to the bathroom there is a great variety. Not only that, building hypermarkets and markets offer all sorts of collections of ceramic tiles for walls and floor and faucets, and some cosmic design so that initially and don’t understand HOW it works.

Adhering to the body of the curtain, trying to get off the rings also gone. Instead, you can install a special sliding panel, and you can even remove the tub and install an ordinary shower, and some of them are even equipped with radio, probably to make it not boring to RUB herself raw.

But back to our sheep, or rather, to Moidodyr. Although hardly anyone knows, let us recall that the sink is the most common Cabinet, which is mounted sink with mixer tap. He has a lot of advantages.

First, it is an excellent option for small or full bathrooms. Imagine that you need to add somewhere a lot of boxes of washing powder is that they did not get a cat or a small child, to fold personal care products, shampoos, gels, soap, purchased in store, folded towels and other small items so necessary in the bathroom.

Second, the Cabinet-Moidodyr perfectly covers a whole vodorazvodku (pipe). Agree that they can spoil a very beautiful view of the newly renovated bathroom, sparkling new tile and chrome faucets.

Third, if your bathroom is so small that it is simply impossible to turn, it is possible in this Cabinet to hide and a small washing machine. This will allow you to save some space and not to violate the modern unit General view of a bathroom, designed, for example, in the Egyptian style.

Fourth, if you can spare the space and funds, then in addition to the Cabinet-Moidodyr you can buy sets of furniture for bathroom – high cabinets where you can hang a couple of Terry robes and lay a big stack of towels, cabinets, where to put dirty linen. And all this will be sustained in uniform style and perfectly combined with each other.

In addition, almost all Moidodyr have a large mirror and additional lighting, allowing you to more comfortably clean myself up in the mornings and evenings. And all kinds of shelves allow convenient to decompose toothpaste, shaving cream, brush and razor, without making unnecessary holes in the tile.

However, there are those who regret the installation of the Cabinet. For example, one girl complained that her sink was so cleverly and firmly established by the masters in the repair, when he happened to be in the form of leaking pipes leading to the faucet of the sink, they had to tear him away from the wall so the plumber could access the wiring and fix the leak. It is clear that it is not very comfortable to wield a wrench in the dark, climbing into a small cupboard. In General, reinstall it failed and had to make additional spending to bring the bathroom in order.

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