Hand tools for construction works

Since the construction is one of the oldest industries, the millennial experience, combined with the limitless possibilities of our time, allowed to bring technological methods of construction and maintenance elements of buildings almost to perfection. However, despite the high degree of mechanization of production processes in the final stages of repair and construction works – in finishing, installation of engineering systems, a significant proportion of the volumes is done manually using special tools, fixtures and small tools. As you know, good hand tools for construction works – is half the battle when running any business. That is why it needs to be:
• Effective and functional;
• Safe;
• Durable;
• Portable;
• Easy.

Currently, there are about 2000 kinds of tool, much of which is used in building a specialization. So, during the finishing operations on any objects, must be used:
• As a basic tool – shovels, trowels, trowels, rules, various spatulas, scrapers, trowels, floats and polutry, falcons, buckets, brushes, rollers, knives, brushes, hammers, saws…;
• Hand devices for moving loads within a building site bucket, stretchers, wheelbarrows, etc.;
• Small-scale mechanization – guns for sealant and mounting foam, drills, screwdrivers, spray guns, mixers, other pneumatic and electric tools;
• Supplies, and related materials and tools – measuring tools, sandpaper, foam, sealants, cutting and grinding wheels, saw blade, drills, drills, grid, ribbon, lighthouses and much more, which is qualitative and productive to finish.

When carrying out any work, we should not forget about the safety requirements and industrial hygiene. All the hand tools for construction works should be OK, if it is necessary to use appropriate safety equipment – goggles, gloves, and other funds regulated by the SNiP.

The efficiency of tool use, service life and functionality depends on the origin. Only equipment manufactured in the factory by the manufacturer, entitled to his release, and giving a guarantee of certain consumer characteristics, will be able to render good service, to assure quality in the production of works. Only such hand tools for construction works to guarantee the safety of whoever uses it.

20 Photos of the Hand tools for construction works